Sammi Giancola is Beyond Pathetic, Still Dating Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

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Despite Ronnie Ortiz-Magro being the worst boyfriend in human history, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola simply cannot let the Jersey Shore meathead go.

She's said "I'm DONE" so many times it's become a favorite drinking game of ours, but clearly isn't really. It's like he's trying to get dumped and can't.

Jersey Shore Cast in the House

He's not even sorry for creepin' all over South Beach in Season Two and blatantly hooking up with so many girls behind his on-and-off girlfriend's back.

BACK ON: At least until close of business today.

"I regret getting caught," he said on MTV's after-show. "I don't regret having a good time. I regret getting into bed with Sammi after I got home."

"That was my downside."

Giancola says Ron was "sickening" and "disgusting," but didn't want to believe it when JWoww and Snooki slipped her a note detailing his wild ways.

She said she was so "blind" to his behavior because she felt alone; he was the person she felt most "comfortable with" and didn't want to lose that.

"I feel embarrassed now," she said.

Not too embarrassed to take his cheating ass back, though! Now back on with Giancola for the 93rd time, Ronnie insisted his wild days are over.

"I've learned a lot watching the show," he said. "I have something good. I have an amazing girl, and she doesn't deserve to be treated that way."

Sammi Giancola said she believes him. What an idiot.

"I think he is really trying to show me the good instead of the bad," said the most pathetic person ever. "That's what I hold on to all the time."

As for her physical fight with JWoww last night? "I felt they were backstabbing me," recalls Giancola. "For my first fight, I thought I did OK."

Except for fighting your friend who told you the truth instead of the cheating a$$hole himself, sure, you did OK Sam. Congratulations, moron.


I feel that sammi is just realy dumb
i actually used to like her, but after the fight i just saw what kind of person that she was
I think if ronnie wasnt there she wouldve got fucked up and i feel that everybody shouldnt have turned against snookie and jen because they were really good friends
Also sammi is just really confused and stupid and she looks like the most dumbest bitch ever!
she makes us jersians look bad


@ Nancy Hi Sammi!! That was a sweet email... Thanks for sharing!


The only good thing that has come out of their relationship is making up a drinking game every time Sammi says, "I'm done." Too bad she never meant it. She is the worst friend ever. You know those girls.....their boyfriend creeps and when told by their girl friend they displace their anger on their friend and guy sits back smiling. I'M DONE! hahah take a shot!


Since she actually thinks she won that fight, I'd like to see how tough she would be if Ronnie wasn't in the house anymore. I thought I had seen every IDIOTIC and STUPID thing there was to see in the world, but LOL, I haven't. I had to go to YouTube and watch the fight again, I thought maybe I missed something. But no Sammi as I said before YOU LOST! Maybe you hit your head when JWOWW knocked your A** down.


notamused thats funny i agree but to all others i dont think jwoww has low self esteem shes a cute girl just wanted some boobies probably didnt have any. Some people just feel better with accessories haha!!! Sammi's the one with the low self esteem dating a guy thats not really into her but knows he can get away with anything because she's dumb.


You STUPID HO! What are you talking about, you didn't kick anybody's a**! You got in 1 LUCKY shot, that's all. The 2 people who tried to be HONEST with you and you get into a fight with them. As if that didn't make you look DUMB enough,you then turn around and start hanging out with the two-faced SKANK who I think is a 1.5 at best. So say it out loud with me Sammi " I GOT MY A** KICKED BY JWOWW". FREAKING MORON.


I am dissapointed in the men in the house why was sammi allowed to get a couple of lucky shots on jwoww while being held. Ronni showed his true colors as a would be woman beater if the camera was not on! I dont understand how everyone in the house took these punks side (RONNI@SAMMI) @ the end of the fight she got her @** whooped even though jwoww got the short end of the stick and i was hoping angelina face slipped in there and recieved a punch or two. Vinny why are you on their side when they dogged you out and pushed you?! The show can save some of their money if they kick the 2love birds that fight and sex eachother and others off because noone wants to see them or angelina they are not an important part of the show and im a fan without them!!! I hope when they get it together and they start on season 3 Sammi gets what she deserves iether by someone in the house or on the beach i'd like to see that if they return hahaha!!


I didn't get why she was braggin if ronnie wasnt holding JWOWW back sammie woulda been as fuck up as her self-esteem. I dont get why she turned on them and took ronnie's side they told her and admitted to writin the letter and she basically cursed them out why for finally tellin the truth?? I dont get her she is stupid and soooo pathetic and whats even worst is she probably still with him. Not only did she look like an idiot she showed the world what a insecure lil shitface she is. I mean cmon why turn it on Snooki and JWOWW and RONNIE GOT OFF SCOTT FREE!! thats what i dont get this dude got off without even being told bout hisself really Sammi....really? and then Ronnie "the letter brought us together" seriously i dont get them bottom line he screwed her over and got away with it....fuckin dumbass. Honestly if i was Jwoww or Snooki she woulda been on her own for good i woulda accepted with any sorrys from her fuck her fuck her life and move the hell on


Nancy I think Snooki and Jenni wanted to tell Sammie but did not want to cause problems with Ron. After all Ron is only spitting in Sammie's face not theirs. They were trying to be friends I was in that same situation my bro cheated on his girl. I was very conflicted and when I gave hints she wanted to know more then he got mad at me.. It is a lose lose situation really. They were trying to do right by her and again she is a retard


by far sammi is the worst out of all the roomates. this is what i dont get, jwow and snookie tryed to be a good friend to tell her the truith but she didnt apreacite it, instead she turned on them. if it wasnt for ronnie protecting her, jwow would of given her a makeover. i kind of feel bad for sammi wait it was jus gass. sammi doesnt deserve to have friends like jwow and snookie if shes not gonna apreciate them for tellin her the truith.

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