Russell Brand Arrested, Charged With Battery After Airport Paparazzi Melee

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Celebrities 2, Paparazzi 0. That's the score this weekend.

A day after Adam Lambert was accused of battery in a scuffle with a member of the paparazzi, Russell Brand was arrested and questioned by police for the same.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

The comedian was making his way through LAX airport yesterday when reports say he lashed out at paparazzi attempting to photograph Katy Perry too closely.

Russell Brand says the paps crossed the line attempting to photograph Katy, and he let them know it. His reward? A battery charge and a brief stint behind bars.

Brand is accused of pushing one photographer and striking others while defending his fiancee, who says the paps tried to take photos up her skirt. Messed up.

A victim performed a citizen’s arrest on Brand and he was interviewed by airport police before being taken into custody for a misdemeanor charge of battery.

He was released after posting $20,000 bail.

After the incident, Katy Perry Tweeted:

"If you cross the line & try and put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me. #standbyourman #don’tf**kwiththeBrands."

Russell has not commented on his approximately 200th arrest, and has been accused of much worse, so we doubt he's sweating it so much.

The alleged upskirting does cross a line. People should be allowed to do their jobs, but should also refrain from flagrant violations of privacy.


I am on the celebs side! He had every right to defend her if he felt someone was trying to harm his fiance in any way he has the right to defend her! Glad she posted bail for him and is supporting him! Good luck to them they are so sweet together!


Good for Russel that just shows that he protects his women and that NO one is getting to close to her or else there will be problems. I totally think that what he did was right... their is away for the poperotzo to do there job with out getting to close or personal.
Russel should not have even been arrested he was standing up for his... wife.


Why do these photographers have the right to harass celebrities? Ok, the stars are in the public eye, but does that mean they are fair game for these bottom feeders? They should not have to get into brawls every 5 minutes to get some peace on their time off.


These papps have no respect for anyone. They only see celebrities as meal tickets. I think a law should be passed on how close you are allowed to get to them. Like no closer than 200 feet. Most of the time the papps are yelling and screaming at the actors, singers, stars and tailgate, stalk, harrass them. It seems like a nightmare. Controlled photos at events like the red carpet seem fine. What these guys did at the airport was just plain wrong. Look at Adam Lambert at the beach. The beach folks. You can't even go somewhere to relax with friends and unwind. That's too much.


Brand totally had the right to Protect Katy. Sheesh putting your stupid camera practically up her skirt. Dude if that were me for get Brand you would be worrying about what I the female would do to you... Good for you Brand. Someone needs to put a distance limit on how close they can get to you. Or be fined. Just like celebrities are being fined for putting their hands on them. Safety and pure respect is not being observed anymore.


OMG!! Good for him. They are SICK for trying to photograph up her skirt. Good for him for defending her! Finally a man who does the right thing!


I think Russell Brand had that right to protect his soon to be wife. For the photographer went over the line deserved what ever is coming to him!!!


Russell Brand is a joke and I think Katy is a nut case to want to be married to him. On a television program in England, Russell talked about have sex with a man in a restroom, so why is Katy wanting to marry him with knowing that. Russell Brand is not funny and and I doubt any pap would be trying to take pictures up Katy's dress. Paps are out of line taking pictures like they do, but who has ever heard of them taking pictures up the celebrities skirt.


i think that he was in the right to punch the dirtbag photographer that tried to take a picture up katy perrys dress! he was protecting his fiance which is what any of us girls would want our fiancees to do!

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