Robert Randolph Spills on "Secret Gay Life" of John Travolta

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It's been a difficult couple years for John Travolta.

Last January, his 16-year old son died of a fatal seizure. Then, a few months later, the actor was forced to relive this tragedy under oath, as he testified against the awful human beings who tried to extort him in exchange for covering up information about the incident.

In May, though, Travolta and wife Kelly Preston were thrilled to learn they were expecting a baby - but now that exciting news has been tempered by a report in The National Enquirer.

Cheating Allegations

The tabloid quotes Robert Randolph in its latest issue, some author who is set release a book about the "underground secret world of celebrity gay spa sex." Just what we all need, right?

He says Travolta is living a "secret gay life" and Randolph claims to have even spotted John with another man in October 2009. He explains:

"I met John in 1998, after he had married Kelly. I believe the marriage is a total fraud because John is totally into guys and has been having sex with them behind Kelly's back for years. He came on to me a number of times. I always turned him down. But there was always some guy who was willing to have sex with him. And John didn't stop cheating on Kelly after either of their children was born. John's a cheating dog."

Reportedly, Randolph passed a lie detector test during his interview with the Enquirer.

Referring to Travolta's alleged homosexuality as "one of Hollywood's worst kept secrets," the pathetic author adds:

"He blatantly cruises guys, and doesn't seem to care who sees him. I saw him with his lover and he couldn't get enough. John should come out of the closet already and stop living a lie. His wife Kelly deserves so much better."

We'll see how Travolta reacts to this story. Some celebrities choose to ignore sordid lies, lest they give them more publicity. Others, such as Ashton Kutcher in the wake of his own cheating scandal, threaten legal action.

What do you think? Is John Travolta gay?


If I can give you some dirt whether it is true or not maybe you will buy my book when it comes out. This is why I DON"T BUY BOOKS from someone who plays this game just before their book comes out. These people need to get a life instead of trying to live off someone elses. I don't wrap my fish in the National Enquirer as I don't want my fish to spoil.


Stories about Travolta swirled around a few years back when there was a photo of him kissing a man on the lips as he departed from a plane on the tarmac. The thing I don't get is that people are so focused on a "he's gay - no, he's straight" argument. Why do people see this as so black & white that they can't wrap their brain around someone being bisexual?? John could very possibly enjoy men but still love and enjoy being with his wife. He may either do that secretly, or she may be aware of it and ok with it, we don't know. It is ridiculous that people get involved in a tug of war over gay vs. straight, when in fact there are far more people out there who have had attraction to both sexes. Many of those people are ones who identify as straight. I guess it is easier and perhaps less threatening for people to couch the argument in terms of straight vs. gay than to perhaps ponder their own experiences.


john travolta, out of style!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These rumours were on New Zealand television today, and a viewer wrote in to say she worked at a Mexican spa 6 months ago, and John Travolta checked in to a one-bedroom suite with a guy. So sad for his family if this is true.


I am sure the National Enquirer story is true. These rumors about Travolta being gay have been circulating for many years. I think John is totally gay and using his marriage to cover up. It's also interesting to me that other Scientologist members have been rumored to be gay for years, like Tom Cuise. I have heard that Scientology promises members that it can make them straight, and that promise attracts many gay people who don't have the guts to come out.


Well, I have to say I heard years ago through the spa grapevine that this may be actually true. I worked in a spa with a girl who had worked at an upscale spa where he had been banned for making a pass at a male massage therapist.... yikes!


Oh, Lord, some people can be so innocent! Sara, gay people can have a quiver full of children and still be gay-gay-gay. ;)
I'm pretty sure this is not at all a surprise to Kelly. Come on! You marry Tom Cruise or John Travolta (or many others), you know what you're in for... They might even have a contract about it!


how can he be gay if their having a baby its damn studip


I cannot even believe that anybody is even going to entertain the thought of this latest accusation. There are Presidents that have done a lot worse going all the way back to Thomas Jefferson. Leave this family alone and move on to more important issues. This publication is not a BIBLE but a gossip rag magazine


If it came from that tabloid bible,the national in-liar,you know that word for word,the story is the zooth, the whole zooth, and nothing but the zooth.
In the final analysis,longtime married John and Kelly remain one of tinseltown's favorite couples. In recent years they've had their share of heartaches. At the time when such a beautiful event of a new addition being celebrated for their family, I choose to wish The Travolta Family only the best!!

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