Robert Randolph Spills on "Secret Gay Life" of John Travolta

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It's been a difficult couple years for John Travolta.

Last January, his 16-year old son died of a fatal seizure. Then, a few months later, the actor was forced to relive this tragedy under oath, as he testified against the awful human beings who tried to extort him in exchange for covering up information about the incident.

In May, though, Travolta and wife Kelly Preston were thrilled to learn they were expecting a baby - but now that exciting news has been tempered by a report in The National Enquirer.

Cheating Allegations

The tabloid quotes Robert Randolph in its latest issue, some author who is set release a book about the "underground secret world of celebrity gay spa sex." Just what we all need, right?

He says Travolta is living a "secret gay life" and Randolph claims to have even spotted John with another man in October 2009. He explains:

"I met John in 1998, after he had married Kelly. I believe the marriage is a total fraud because John is totally into guys and has been having sex with them behind Kelly's back for years. He came on to me a number of times. I always turned him down. But there was always some guy who was willing to have sex with him. And John didn't stop cheating on Kelly after either of their children was born. John's a cheating dog."

Reportedly, Randolph passed a lie detector test during his interview with the Enquirer.

Referring to Travolta's alleged homosexuality as "one of Hollywood's worst kept secrets," the pathetic author adds:

"He blatantly cruises guys, and doesn't seem to care who sees him. I saw him with his lover and he couldn't get enough. John should come out of the closet already and stop living a lie. His wife Kelly deserves so much better."

We'll see how Travolta reacts to this story. Some celebrities choose to ignore sordid lies, lest they give them more publicity. Others, such as Ashton Kutcher in the wake of his own cheating scandal, threaten legal action.

What do you think? Is John Travolta gay?


If he's gay- I'll be sick to my stomach!!!! Say it isn't SO!
The thought of it just makes me sick. If it isn't true- how dare they come out with this right before she gives birth to their baby! Talk about ruining the joy of it all!!
That's the last thing she would need right now.


maybe him and tom cruz ought to get together / i am more tired of these celebrity hounds trying to get money they are a lot worse than being gay or whatever / sleezos who can't wait to tell what they might or might not know to highest bidder


ladyscientist says: "Why are people so stupid? Yes, he's gay. Yes, Mr. Randolph speaks the truth. He passed a polygraph. If you READ what he writes, it smacks of the truth." And everyone knows there is absolutely no way to cheat on a polygraph!


Who cares? He is a great versatile actor and I will continue to watch and buy all of his movies!!!!


Leave him and his Family alone,it's their issue not ours.Who cares if He and Several other Hollywood "A" list Actors are Gay/Bi-Sexual??? We still enjoy their Movies Correct????


of course he is obviously gay.
he should stop pretending - that whacko cult scientology
is so into presenting conformist images.
enough already - be real -
and true to you who you really are.


Big deal gay straight who really cares any more its his life not ours let him lead it the way he and his wife feel he should lead. Peeps get over it his wife probably knows and turns a blind to it.


Who cares?...this is one of those open secrets, and I STILL LOVE John Travolta! So what if he is Bisexual, or whatever. Many couples who want kids, a family together, have an open relationship if a partner is Bi--so what?! How could she not know he is Bi? He is NOT cheating if she allows him that side of his life. I'm sick of the pressure on Hollywood people to "come out" or have it implied they are doing something dirty or wrong. It's an easy, cheap target. He's a great actor and he sure knows how to dance with Uma Thurman--she doesn't seem to mind flirting with him in their films together. He is totally believable as an attractive straight man in his film roles. So, drop it already. There is nothing wrong or immoral about being bisexual, and it is private between him & family.


fallible; sorry I just got out of bed. Mea culpa.


Why are people so stupid? Yes, he's gay. Yes, Mr. Randolph speaks the truth. He passed a polygraph. If you READ what he writes, it smacks of the truth. The public needs to take its blinders off. Public figures are not modern day gods; they are infallible people just like US. Get over it.

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