Robert Randolph Spills on "Secret Gay Life" of John Travolta

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It's been a difficult couple years for John Travolta.

Last January, his 16-year old son died of a fatal seizure. Then, a few months later, the actor was forced to relive this tragedy under oath, as he testified against the awful human beings who tried to extort him in exchange for covering up information about the incident.

In May, though, Travolta and wife Kelly Preston were thrilled to learn they were expecting a baby - but now that exciting news has been tempered by a report in The National Enquirer.

Cheating Allegations

The tabloid quotes Robert Randolph in its latest issue, some author who is set release a book about the "underground secret world of celebrity gay spa sex." Just what we all need, right?

He says Travolta is living a "secret gay life" and Randolph claims to have even spotted John with another man in October 2009. He explains:

"I met John in 1998, after he had married Kelly. I believe the marriage is a total fraud because John is totally into guys and has been having sex with them behind Kelly's back for years. He came on to me a number of times. I always turned him down. But there was always some guy who was willing to have sex with him. And John didn't stop cheating on Kelly after either of their children was born. John's a cheating dog."

Reportedly, Randolph passed a lie detector test during his interview with the Enquirer.

Referring to Travolta's alleged homosexuality as "one of Hollywood's worst kept secrets," the pathetic author adds:

"He blatantly cruises guys, and doesn't seem to care who sees him. I saw him with his lover and he couldn't get enough. John should come out of the closet already and stop living a lie. His wife Kelly deserves so much better."

We'll see how Travolta reacts to this story. Some celebrities choose to ignore sordid lies, lest they give them more publicity. Others, such as Ashton Kutcher in the wake of his own cheating scandal, threaten legal action.

What do you think? Is John Travolta gay?




Just curious...if he is gay, how is it that his wife turned him on enough to conceive children? Is there some other rumor that we haven't heard of them getting artificially inseminated or something of the sort? I mean, I thought being gay means the opposite sex doesn't do it for ya????? I don't know or claim to know the truth either way, I'm just curious.


My friend works at a major spa where the AT&T golf is played and John has been banned from the spa...after asking for 'services' with various 'items' of the staff. She has no reason to make this up. Additionally, someone at the airport says that is why he has all male staff on plane and he is always hitting on them...doesn't seem to hide his actions at all.


I don't know John but he is a friend to some of my friends. He is very caring and gracious. If this is true, it is such a disappointment!


mistake: kelly sleeps at night


Everyone in LA ("Hollywood") knows he is gay and we have for years. The stories are irrefutable. He says himself that he does not sleep at night but does so during the day but his wife sleeps during the day. Not sure if true but am told that Kelly has had boyfriends over the years as well. They are each others family and may or may not have sex...who cares?


I think the dog here is Mr.Randolph he pretends to care about Kelly Preston and her baby. If he cared about them he would mind his own business. Don't you think he she wanted to know she would.
You Mr. Randolph are the one who is disgusting, she is ready to have a baby and you put this in the news.


1 shut up enuff. dosn't anybody know what the word private means. Plus mind you own beewax. Live and let live. who said you know what best for anyone else


John is gay. I live in LA and know people who have worked with him. He very openly will hit on men. And, it doesn't matter if they are gay or straight. The horrible thing is he hits on obviously straight guys on movie sets and makes it exceedingly difficult for these guys. They are usually grips, pa's et et. He doesn't respect people. He thinks because he is a celebrity he can be a manipulator. And, he has the "Church" of Scientology to back him up and go after anyone who will try and expose who he really is. It is quite disgusting. He is quite a predator. It looks like he is on his way to being an old, fat queen.


Travolta = Revolta

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