Robert Halderman, Letterman Blackmailer, Out of Jail

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David Letterman's blackmailer is out of a New York City jail after serving four months behind bars for his attempted extortion of the Late Show host last year.

The former CBS News producer, who ignited the celebrity sex and crime scandal in October, got two months knocked off his sentence for good behavior.

WHACKED: Halderman's attempt to bilk Letterman backfired.

Halderman infamously demanded $2 million to keep quiet about Dave's affair with Stephanie Birkitt, a former staff member who was living with Halderman.

He blackmailed Letterman, who is married to Regina Lasko, under the guise of offering him the exclusive rights to a screenplay about his life, and the affair.

Needless to say authorities didn't buy the "screenplay" bit and he took a plea deal earlier this year. Halderman still must do 1,000 hours of community service.

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letterman was parked in haldemans driveway necking with the girlfriend of both men,in full view of haldeman,the night before this occurence.with his high visibility in tv,his new marriage and a small child he should have paid the money and figured he got off easily.he has far more to be ashamed of than haldeman.!