Report: Rachel Uchitel Declines Second Playboy Offer Because She's Dating ... Someone!

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Yesterday, we reported that Tiger Woods put the kibosh on Rachel Uchitel's potential Playboy spread, with the threat of losing her settlement from him forcing her to bow out. Well, the mag supposedly asked again, and this time Rache nixed it.

Why, you ask?

Rachel Uchitel in a Bikini

"Rachel had started to date a new man, and she was embarrassed to go ahead with the spread, because she was afraid that it would upset him," says a source.

Umm, is this mystery dude not dating Rachel Uchitel? A woman only rich and famous because of boning Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz? Playboy would bug him?

Apparently. "The magazine came back to Rachel with another generous offer to appear in Playboy," said a source close to the pilgrim of celebrity mistresses.

"She didn't even tell the guy at the time, but felt uncomfortable, because she believed it would have been detrimental to a relationship that she would rather pursue than being on the cover of a men's magazine naked."

That's remarkably ... mature. Who is this chick and what has she done with Rachel Uchitel? "I'd rather give this guy a shot," she said, supposedly.

Even though the romance didn't last and with the interest in a topless spread still high, Uchitel "doesn't feel like it's appropriate for her to do it."

Yeah, right. She probably just thinks $300,000 is too low. Or she wants the golfer back someday and doesn't want to tarnish her pristine image.


She is a low life individual.


This is all BS, Playboy probably did not want Uglitel after realizing that this W*H*O*R*E* is very unpopular and hated by millions and she may be saying this to save face!!!


Who do you think this "guy" is married to? There's a special place in hell for that (I'd say woman, but as a woman I don't want that thing too near me).


Rachel Uglitel is a nobody that wanna be rich and important!!! She reportedly wants to remain in the media for spite and revenge towards her lovers, because she has not been able to get what she wanted, to trap a rich man!!! It has been also reported that she is a filthy prostitute and an extortionist of rich married men, who allows men to use her ugly silicone enhanced body for kinky, pervert sex and when they leave her, she threatens to go public and extorts money from them to keep silent about their affair!!!


Again I hate those who only bash the girl. Tiger and David were married with families and whatever lies they told to her to get in with her shame.....on them. Both men were committed and chose to pursue her anyway. Tigers wife did the right thing and left especially after other ladies came forward. Davids wife, dumb blond. He actually admitted mulitiple affairs and lying and she stayed. Cannot beleive she has no self respect and gives her guy a license to cheat. Good news for him thought cause he can keep on cheatin as the media dies down. But I read she poised in playboy herself years and years ago and did soft porn videos for them too. No brain.


I take it he's married, rich, and famous.


Rachel, you are probably one of the biggest low lives I can think of. Millions aren't enough for you? You still want to show off your body for three hundred thousand more. Slut city, bitch.....


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