Report: Josh Hopkins Rejects Jennifer Aniston, Labels Her a "Sport F*%k"

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Jennifer Aniston just wants a man to take it to the next level with.

She thought Josh Hopkins was it, a source says ... but he did not!

According to Us Weekly, Jen and the Cougar Town star began casually dating in May after meeting through Courteney Cox, her BFF and his co-star on the ABC comedy.

Before long, Aniston "wanted a relationship. And he was like, 'No, thank you,'" the source says, labeling Hopkins "a player who is into younger girls." Rough!

The actor (who romances Cox on the show) even has a raunchy nickname for her: "Josh calls Jen a 'sport f--k,'" a Hopkins pal says of the "friends with benefits."

Hopkins has denied any romance. Whatever happened, she's over it, too. She "likes her life the way it is," a source says. Her type? "Really good-looking a$$holes."

Basically, this douchebag.


it's funny how when anything bad about angelina jolie is said, you guys start with "fake rumor" or you trash the magazine that says it. but when it's jennifer aniston you write about it like it's fact. in this it says it was a "source" and you don't doubt it, but i saw that when a nanny said something about angelina jolie, you guys made sure to write "fake nanny" even in the title. you're a third rate trash gossip internet site that's completely unprofessional


Bad Brad comes out smelling like a rose and Jen gets stuck with this stupid crap written about her. Lots of sexism in the tabloids.


Jennifer Aniston, You are indeed a very gorgeous and very talented woman. The reasoning behind you still wanting a relationship is beyond me. There is no such thing as Mr. or Miss right. I have listened to couples that have been married for 50 and more years, and they have fights but do not get divorced. They still walk down the street holding hands with her head on his shoulder. I see them in public places and they are sincerely happy about still being with each other through hardships, pitfalls, and of course the very good times. Neither one of them is worth one-tenth of your money. If I had more money and the wherewithal I would definitely want you. Since I do not, I will not lose any sleep over you but still think of you.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I blame Brad for leaving Jen out to dry and abandoning her to these tabloid bullies who make up sleazy lies. Brad is as creepy as the tabloids to do this to her. I will NEVER see another movie of his or his “partner� who are changing their images so Brad can run for president in 2016. That is why he’s playing in an all-American movie about baseball … like Reagan did years before he became president. Brad and Jolie are sickening power mongers! A lesson to all you girls. Jen should never have trusted Brad.Pitt. He is king of the douchebags.


The Aniston fans constantly called Angelina horrible names like that in their comments about Angelina. Maybe this will put a stop to it. Thank you Josh for setting the record straight.


This story seems made up. There is nobody out there (especially an aspiring actor) that would reject a beautiful, famous and very rich woman such as Jennifer Aniston and label her a "spot f@#k. Hopkins "pal" is probably an ex of his. PS - I thought Tiger Woods was a Sports F@#K?

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