Report: Jennifer Lopez Agrees to $12 Million American Idol Deal

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She's been in and out more times than The Situation on Jersey Shore, but Jennifer Lopez appears to finally have agreed to a deal with Fox.

About a month after reports indicated the singer would NOT be joining the revamped judging table on American Idol, Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood now says a deal is complete.

Allison Iraheta, American Idol

The hold up, reportedly, had been J Lo's insistence that Fox agree to a movie deal along with the Idol gig, but sources say the network "called her bluff several times."

"That's when real or imagined 'Plan B' feelers put out to other talent would wind up in the media," Finke writes. "It was left to returning Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe to deny these unconfirmed reports circulating that J-Lo was losing the job because of her diva demands."

All signs now point to Lopez signing a deal that pays her $12 million per year. An astronomical amount? Of course. But it's pocket change compared to what the show brings in each week via advertising.

While Fox still is yet to make any official announcement, Kara DioGuardi is definitely out, leaving a season 10 panel of Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and J Lo. Does that make you excited to tune in?


AI wouldn't pay Paula Abdul $10 mil to stay but now they are paying JLo $12 mil! WHAT are they thinking?! They should beg Paula to come back. I don't think JLo will be very good for the show - her diva attitude will soon show up, I'm sure! I like Steven Tyler but I think Bret Michaels personality would've made him a better choice. Keep Randy Jackson - we need the Dawg!


Ok I think American Idol lost it's fan base when paula left the show.I think it lost even more when kara was brought on a slight help was that Randy and Simon was still there but now I think it is time for American Idol to go off it has ran its course had 8 great years years 1-8 with Randy Paula and Simon the talent last year was horrible unless they get folks like Randy who acctually know what there doing instead of saying well do this this was and they contestant dose it then they tell them not to do that (KARA was very very good at that) they have no clue. I think JLO will be ok she seams to be kind Im not to hot on her music I love her movies, Steven Tyler I just love Arrowsmith I think the only will who will acctuall help is Randy he knows what to say and how to say it. Enuff is Enuff take the show off .



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