Report: Britney Spears to Countersue Fernando Flores

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In his lawsuit against Britney Spears, Fernando Flores alleges that the singer does some inappropriate things in front of her children while on her back.

Now, the pop star is out to prove that she will NOT simply lie down in the face of what she considers to be defamatory lies.

Ohh, Baby, Baby

Do you really wanna see this face in court, Fernando Flores?

A source tells The Chicago-Sun Times that Britney is considering a counter lawsuit against her former bodyguard, something Kevin Federline is actually encouraging. Said the insider:

"Kevin told Britney she should do it and she strongly agreed that winning this case and forcing Flores to pay - big time - may help quash other future nuisance lawsuits against celebrities. Like the ones you often see filed by disgruntled, fired ex-employees - like nannies, housekeepers, drivers and bodyguards."

The attorney for Federline, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has said: "[My client]  is satisfied the allegations are a product of economic motives. They are as baseless as they seem."

Hey, if this lawsuit helps Britney and K-Fed get back together, it will all be worthwhile, won't it?


He doesn't deserve 10 million dollars or any money that's for sure. You would think a former cop would be used to seeing naked people, or dead bodies, or other sights. Why doesn't he get a job?


hey chick u have came along way from where u was i think u r doing a wonderful job, shit we all make mistakes just some ppl dont think so but screw them i think u learned from yours as i did mine,u do u your a great person.


Is it just me or does Britney look like Dana Carvey in this picture?


mess mess mess mess mess


Oh WOW, this is sooooo important to the usefulness of this universe. Get real people, who cares? Brit has a truckload of problems, keeping her britches on is one of them, but hey if that's all anyone has to write about, so be it. Pathetic pretty much covers the content. I'm still hoping Brit will just fade away into some sunset somewhere ...... cause as she ages, this is gonna get even more ugly than it is now. Would be kinda fun to watch I guess.....don't know, really don't care. Ever notice people who actually have NO talent do just about anything to get press? You can always tell the talentless from the ones who actually possess talent. This is a perfect example. Sad


i think she will go britney


well everyone hav unglam pics rit...and his just looking for cash..go britney make him bankrupt


Fernando is just looking for some cash. Its sad when people do that.


Thats funny cause I heard that K fat and Britney dont even speak to each other. Also notice that it says that she's "Considering" a lawsuit against Mr. Flores. Its sad that there is a double standard in this country regarding sexual harrassment. If that had been a male celebrity walking around naked showing his junk he would be labled a Creep.


hey, where the hell do you take these pics, com'on ?

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