Randy and Evi Quaid Arrested For Burglary After Crashing in Place They Used to Own

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Randy Quaid and his insane wife Evi got arrested for burglary after crashing in their house. Their previous house, that is. It's owned by someone else now.

These are the same people who were arrested for skipping out on thousands in bills from a bed and breakfast, but believe it or not, this story's even better.

After an alarm went off Saturday, a realtor discovered the gate code changed, security cameras tampered with, and Randy's initials carved in the mailbox.

Randy Quaid Booking Photo
Evi Quaid Booking Photo

SQUAT: That's what the Quaids did ... and their aggregate brain cell count.

When the realtor entered the Montecito, Ca., home, he found the place trashed - dirty dishes, footprints, clothes not belonging to the owner in the closet, etc.

The best part? Randy and Evi Quaid allegedly broke a $7,000 mirror that had been hanging over the fireplace and replaced it with a photo of themselves.

They were charged with felony burglary and entering a noncommercial building without consent. Not surprisingly, Evi was also charged with resisting arrest.

A rep for the Quaids could not be located. Most likely because he or she is embarrassed to be repping the Quaids and has gone off the grid for a while.


Wonder what drugs these 2 are on .. they so have to be out of it more than half the time lol


Where have most of you been sleeping? Don't you know that Hollywood is a magnet for people with bi-polar disorder or worse? All the alcoholic, druggie, rehab recidivists have underlying issues I am sure. If you are successful, why would you destroy your career and yourself by mis-using substances? They are self medicating is why. Hollywood has a history of taking care of its own, up until their careers take a dive. From Viven Leigh to Angelina Jolie, to the current crop of brain damaged youngsters, it is evident that if you can't hold down a real job, these cripples go into acting so they can shed their own skin for at least a little while.


Who cares about these 2 idiots? Throw their asses in the slammer til they get their "poop in a group"(aka their shit together)LOL
Geez isn't there a central hole up location for Hollywood twits like this? (Lindsay, Paris etc.) And while I am bitching, let's give Nancy Grace a slap up along side the head for spending yet another useless hour giving Lohan more press about her return to jail! Whatta waste of time!


what are they broke now??


What kind of drugs are THEY on??


What kind of drugs are THEY on?


@ Breanna... don't you mean, they're? Not there as is, over THERE! But yes, you're right. They're dumb asses!


List this one with the news of the totally weird and whacked out!


haha! there SMART

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