Rally To Restore Sanity: Planned by Jon Stewart for October 30

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Jon Stewart is set to take down Glenn Beck and his followers. Or at least make us laugh a lot.

On last night's edition of The Daily Show, the Comedy Central host announced his Rally To Restore Sanity, a response to Beck's Restoring Honor Rally on August 28.

As he explains below, it's also a response to the fact that "loud folks dominate the conversation on our country's most important issues." He wondered why the relatively sane population of the country (estimated at around 80%) aren't the ones yelling ridiculous, unproven statements. His conclusion? These people actually have "shit to do."

In response to Jon Stewart's rally, Stephen Colbert will hold the March To Keep Fear Alive. Amazing.

On October 30, though, Stewart hopes these individuals will actually do something in Washington D.C.

In a "call for rationality," the comedian really is serious about organizing a rally for citizens that take the approach of "I disagree with you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler," as well as those who are "dissatisfied, but not ideological." Heck, he even made a few signs for people in attendance to hold up.

Check them out, and watch the entire (utterly hilarious) segment/announcement now:


My whole family would be at the Rally for Sanity if possible. Everyone has quietly sat on their hands with mouths shut for the last 10 years. Thank heaven the backbone of America will speak out finally and say, "Neither the Republican nor Democrats, nor Tea Partiers represent us. We want honesty,responsibility,and cooperation among ALL our elected officials....OR ELSE get ready to pack and face unemployment yourselves!"


Thank goodness someone is confronting the nuts... and they don't even proclaim to have spoken to voices from above. "Knowledge and Reason"- with it you just might just NOT be suprised at what you get or where you arrive. What a novel concept America, are you ready?


Are you aware that MSNBC's Ed Schultz is doing a similar rally on Oct. 2nd, I believe. That may lessen the number draw for each rally.


We just booked our hotel -- will be flying to DC from America's hell on earth, South Dakota. Washington could use a rally of people with a 3 digit IQ and a sense of humor. In other words, liberals.


Oh for god's sake...where was this sanctimonious boob when the smelly hippies were swarming every open space calling the prior administration war criminals? Where were the calls for "taking it down a notch" when people were skipping school and work to take to the streets and block traffic in protest of immigration policy and labeling everyone who disagreed with them "racists". Now that conservatives want to engage in what are at worst equivalent demonstrations...Stewart's prancing around flapping his arms hyperventilating. What a stooge.


What a great idea....it's about time! The silent majority needs to do SOMETHING!


as long as there is no s palin attending it might be ok - it's time both ends left n right meet somewhere in the middle for the good of our country


This is one 83 year old that will attend the rally. Thank God there is someone out there willing to take on the "nuts". One thing, there will be more truth in ten minutes at this rally than all the whacky staements of Palin, Whacked out Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity & Fox. What a breath of fresh air this rally will be. I encourage everyone to attend and help cleanse the soul of America. Three cheers of Stewart and Colbert.

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