Rally to Restore Sanity Attendance Figures Estimated, Massive

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Might there actually be hope for the sane, moderate and rational?

Less than a week after Jon Stewart announced that he was holding the Rally to Restore Sanity on October 30 - a gathering meant to give voice to the less vocal majority who don't compare Barack Obama to Hitler simply because they disagree with his health care reform package - that event's Facebook page is blowing up.

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Good luck, Jon Stewart. There's a lot of sanity out there in need of restoring.

While it obviously awaits to be seen just how many folks show up in D.C. next month, 93,000 people have already RSVP'd in the positive on the Rally to Restore Sanity Facebook page.

Another 48,000 say they "might" attend - and these numbers don't even include the 37,000 individuals that are on board for Stephen Colbert's March to Keep Fear Alive.

While Stewart never mentioned Glenn Beck during the former's hilarious introduction of his rally, it's impossible not to draw comparisons between the talk show hosts' plans.

According to an independent research firm hired by CBS, Beck's August 28 Restoring Honor Rally drew 87,000 people to The National Mall. Preliminary figures for Stewart's rally make it appear that this event will trump that number by a wide margin.

Sadly, the result of such a success may simply cause the Tea Party to compare Stewart to Stalin next.


Anyone who has seen the aerial photos of Beck's rally knows a hell of a lot more than 85,000 were there. These are from the Huffington Post which isn't exactly a pro-Beck source... Estimated Beck Rally attendance - Sky News: 500,000
NBC News: 300,000
D.C. Official: 300,000-325,000
Glenn Beck: 300,000-500,000
ABC News: 100,000+
CBS News: 87,000 CBS gave the lowest of all estimates... most put it much higher than that... even NBC/MSNBC. Why the need for us to lie about how many people he got... it just makes us looks foolish and petty. It makes us look exactly like what Jon Stewart's rally was supposed to be against.


Why..... Why!!!! How is it possible people listen to the idiot Glenn beck when more reliable sources clearly show the the numbers were 200000-400000 less then what he says. They miscounted 200000-400000 people. that's idiotic. Your ruining America, by listening to that garbage. The rest of the world makes fun of you idiots and you don't even see it. I'm sorry I know it is rude to speak to people in the way I just have but I can't handle listening to this stupidity anymore. Thank god for people like Jon stewart, Steven colbert or even bill maher to provide comic relif from stupid people....


Why is "might" in quotes?


500,000??? LMAO...I was there and it didn't even compare to the attendance I saw at the Rose Bowl. You could fit all the people at Beck's rally at most college football stadiums and still have room. By the way, hotels are already reporting that room reservations in DC are already outpacing Beck's rally.


In my opinion Jon Stewart is one of the most intelligent of the TV celebrities. But it would be funnier and more appropriate for him to have called his rally the Rally to Restore INsanity. That is closer to what Jerry Lewis would have called it. And Jerry Lewis is the Founding Father, the George Washington of Comedy Icons. Oohahyahee, eee...!


There was more like 500,000 people at the Glen Beck rally.


Are there any concurrent rally sites on Oct 30 on the West Coast?


@Eric: It's nice to see you proving Stewart's point by getting so worked up and derisive. Where did I say anything except EXACTLY what you said: disagreeing with a health care package does not make your opponent into Hitler, as many over-the-top critics have clearly stated. Is that not precisely what you quoted me as writing?


Seriously because a bunch of people RSVP on facebook events this is used an actual estimate of how many people will show up? You people have to be fucking kidding. It is a radio button, if you could have an event to visit hell people would click on it and say they were coming. "a gathering meant to give voice to the less vocal majority who don't compare Barack Obama to Hitler simply because they disagree with his health care reform package" I sit very firmly in the middle you LEFTY so quit acting like you have some unbiased opinion. Obama's health care plan doesnt deserve Hitler status but the argument of big government control is what it comes down to. Also if you werent aware or dont television the left side has a news channel its called every channel but right sided fox. Get a clue and dont write biased bullshit.