Paris Hilton Alibi Unravels on Twitter

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Twitter rules. There's so much awesome stuff on there (including THG's page), you can spend hours on it and there's no telling what you'll come across.

For one, you can debunk Paris Hilton's not-my-purse-defense, which she provided for after her drug possession arrest. Ah, stars and the crap they post.

Paris' excuse - that she borrowed the purse she was busted with - has just been shot down by this very Twitter pic she posted of the same Chanel bag:

A Ho-tel Heiress

Paris bragged about this months ago. Bet she wishes she hadn't.

Of course, she will likely shift gears to Excuse B upon reading this. The slight variation of the story is that someone else borrowed the purse from her and put coke in it, and that the ho-tel heiress never checked the bag's contents.

Likely story.

Regardless, the Clark County District Attorney's office says the purse she was carrying may end up mattering all that much - possession is possession.

"She's being charged with possession, so it doesn't matter if it's hers or someone else's," Las Vegas police spokesman Officer Jay Rivera told E! News.

"She's the person in possession of it, so it doesn't matter."

Hilton was arrested for cocaine possession early Saturday.

Criminal defense attorney Alec Rose, who is not involved in Paris' case, said that Hilton's excuse or other versions of it don't have strong track records.

"In my 17 years of practicing criminal defense law, I have never heard of the 'it's not my handbag defense' actually working," he said. "If it is in the handbag you are using at the time, that is a pretty hard one to explain."

Paris' case may be helped, though, by the fact that a blood test was not administered and by the lack of grounds for a search - or so her camp claims.

The felony charge is unlikely to just vanish, though. Stay tuned.

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Paris is a rich F*&%- up! She will never change and she will continue to do just what she wants because she is rich. SHe will never go to jail forreal! A few days here and there! Poor Paris!


she must go to jail.


The purse that paris used when she was driving the car was different i saw it on daily 10 in E! it was black. and the purse she showed on twitter was different. so maybe this is the proof. and also she said she said that her friend (maybe) gave it to her and toll it to her. there are two possibilities here


This is the time to let the world know, we sure got rules. It doesn't matter who you are, when you commit a crime, you have to pay! To Paris, "enjoy the jail time, girl!"


Headline's #1 "It girl", I am "It"
Me,It's all about me.
It's so hot.
and now the purse,
It's not mine!!