Oksana Grigorieva Denies Leaking Mel Gibson Tapes, Insists She is the Victim

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As expected, Oksana Grigorieva is launching a PR offensive, insisting she's the victim of domestic abuse and didn't leak the infamous Mel Gibson tapes.

One of her lawyers, Daniel Horowitz, proclaimed on the Today show that his client didn't sell the tapes or leak letters and emails - and is the victim here.

Oksana G. Pic

Oksana is going on offense. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

He also denied that the Mel Gibson tapes were not leaked by Oksana, even though she clearly recorded them clandestinely and they make him look terrible.

We learned earlier from a letter Mel wrote to Oksana that he has wrestled with his terrible anger issues for some time. Male menopause, in his own words.

Among the points Team Oksana made on Today:

  • Oksana didn't sell that letter or the secret audio tapes of her phone calls with Mel Gibson, but she knows who did (cough, Natalie Grigorieva).
  • The proof of this is that the tapes obtained by Radar Online would be worth at least a million dollars and Oksana Grigorieva is totally broke.
  • She never asked for money in exchange for not releasing information, the accusation made by Mel and the subject of an extortion probe.

What do you think? Buying it?


Namaste, If she is the victim here then why is she putting oil to the fire for months? Why isn't she shutting the hell up? She only makes it more misereable for Mel and she nows it. And in the end only for herself. She wants money, attention, and so called justice for herself. By telling the whole world how crazy Mel is. Bullcrap! Go away woman. I'm surprised she din't tell the whole world wich hand Mel uses to wank of. Or to wipe his ass with. And if she does.......I don't care. Go sell some snow in Russia if you can't make money by your own in America. Or put those fake boobs on E-bay. Jesus fucking Christ. I can imagine how Mel lost his mind with this woman. Mel, I am with you buddy. Hang in there. Soon she is lost in Russia and we can go fishing. Laughing about how there are dumb bitches in the world. Mel is the man and I salute him. Ohm shanti.


He had warned her in the begining about his outburst, but she goes ahead and has a child with him. Ha Ha Ha, please she wanted the money. In one email she writes. and nothin for me...


you know, this lady just wont stop...she wants money bad!!!!
5000 a month plus a free place to live is not enough for her? she is apparently broke?? perhaps that is due to the fact that she is greedy as hell, and is spending all her money from mel on lawyers to sue him for MORE MONEY.
plus the designer clothing and plastic surgery she has to pay for... it still has yet to be proven that she was ever physically abused by him.
mel is suffering from some mental illness...and when this is all brought out into the open, people are going to to be eating their words.


Hey whatever. It doesnt matter who leaked them. Theyre leaked. Boom.


Mel's been a loose cannon for a long time. Whether she is a gold digger or not, his words and actions were all his own. Why do people think that because she taped it he is somehow absolved of the consequences of his actions? I don't care if she leaked the tapes or not. I don't care if she is a gold digger. I don't care if she wants money from him or not. I don't care if she did try to extort him. He beat a woman holding a baby. Did he not expect that there would be consequences? Shame on him.


She got the tape out indirectly unless someone can prove someone from the court house leaked them. What does she care what the public thinks She wasn't anything to us before the scandal and only 200 people bought her CD. No one's going to buy a CD because someone was assaulted if they don't like the singe. One thing already proven to be trues is that she is definately a gold digger.

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