Oksana Grigorieva Declares PR War on Mel Gibson

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When your ex-boyfriend goes on insane rants, is being investigated for beating you up, and is a wildly unstable, hate-filled individual overall, yet maintains a two-to-one advantage over you in the court of public opinion, you have an image problem.

Oksana Grigorieva wants to change this.

Da O.G.

TEAM OKSANA: Grigorieva can't believe Team Mel is winning.

Mel Gibson's estranged baby mama is meeting Tuesday with her new dream team of lawyers, with resurrecting her image serving as the #1 objective.

Despite all the things that have been said about Mel - and that Mel has said himself, on tape - Oksana is hardly seen as a sympathetic victim in all this.

Correctly, Oksana believes she is losing the public relations war to Mel, despite the actor's erratic tendencies, and wants her lawyers to turn it around.

Lawyers are working for her child support efforts, her lawsuit against Mel, the domestic violence case against him and the extortion probe against her.

But Oksana Grigorieva thinks turning around the PR fight is key to winning more important battles, and may not be far off. Many peeps hate her hard.

Abuse or no abuse, people see her as a gold-digging liar who secretly recorded a beloved star, then leaked the tapes to ruin his image. Shady stuff.



hey pk, try updating ur info. oksana's dv case is looking very weak, thanks to the shaky evidence of her physical abuse. on the other hand, the extortion case seems to be getting stronger. if oksana was truly abused, and in fear of her life, why did she tell mel that she played the tape coz he wasn't being generous enough to the daughter and didn't give her any money. why did she sign the agreement back in may even though she knew that it would allow mel 50 percent custody of lucia? no matter how u may try to explain it, she's the one who's coming out looking bad in this.


oh and btw pk, what do u think of oksana's replies then to mel? she even said that there was no reason for him to be so hard on himself, seems to me that she didn't actually think he was that dangerous during that time or she wouldn't be saying that he was the best most marvelous person ever, and that he should stop torchering himself. and please don't give me that battered woman syndrome explanation. most of those battered women would never try to publicize what happened to them, nor would they choose to stay at their abuser's house with their family, nor would they try to get as much money from their abuser as they can, from either child support or by filing lawsuits against them. most importantly, a woman suffering from battered woman syndrome would never have taunted her abuser in those tapes, because she knows how risky that would be.


"contrary to your claims, mel's texts do not indicate anything specific either nor do they contain any admission to any violence that he may have committed towards oksana. i wasn't safe for you last night can also mean that he felt he like was going out of control around her," This is the kind of denial that is typical of Mel's fans.
With fans like that..... Kind of makes you wonder what side Harvey is really on.


Maybe she's hoping for a reality show. Like that skank Rachael that messed around with Tiger Woods.


Take a leaf out of Robyns book,she has always maintained a dignified silence on any personel matters.
and for that matter so has Mel recently.


yes, i agree aliceg. mel was an idiot for hooking up with this woman. i bet he regrets leaving his beautiful wife for this plastic gold digger. the only one who is entitled to his wealth are his children and his ex wife robyn, since she was there from the start and raised seven children with him, and has not said or did anything to try and destroy the father of her children. i think it's coz she has something that oksana will never ever have, which is class.


I totally agree, Ann. Her actions AND words are getting her into trouble. Mel is crazed and his actions are the result of "buyer's remorse." It is clear to me that he is acting out because of his guilt that he left a wonderful woman and family for this gold-digger. Let this be a lesson to all other middle aged men -- DON'T CHEAT ON YOUR WIFE -- it's just not worth it! TEAM ROBYN!!


Winning in court has nothing to do with popular opinion. She is too stupid for words. Especially since she's been the one doing all the talking. If she doesn't like her image, maybe she should just shut up!

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