Octomom Going on Welfare

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We don't cover a lot of stars who are flat broke here at THG, but most celebrities don't become celebrities by having 14 freaking kids and no freaking job.

Have you met Nadya Suleman?

Since giving birth to octuplets, Octomom has supported herself by selling access to her life, but apparently that isn't too lucrative: She's going on welfare.

While it doesn't make us feel good to criticize the less fortunate, it's hard not to blame Octomom's tough situation on the Angelina Jolie lookalike herself.

Broke as a Joke

We feel bad for Octomom's children. Just not Octomom.

"Nadya is running out of money very quickly," a source close to the infamous mom said. "She's still hoping to pull off a deal that will pay her a fortune."

"At this point it just doesn't seem possible."

Knock us over with a feather ...

Suleman was an infamous headline-generating national curiosity after giving birth to octuplets on January 29, 2009, and her struggle to raise 14 children has led to a level of fame. It's also resulted in a massive pile of bills, however.

Now that press attention is diminishing 18 months later, and TV networks aren't interested in a reality series featuring Suleman, welfare's her only option.

"She was hoping for merchandizing deals, but those never came through," a source close to her said. "And she's written a book but no publisher wants it."

Meanwhile, Suleman has fallen behind on her mortgage payments again In April, the man holding her mortgage threatened to evict when she fell behind.

That situation was resolved as title to the house Nadya lives in was transferred to a company owned by her lawyer, Jeff Czech. But her problems continue.

"Nadya has nannies and huge expenses raising 14 children," the source said. "She needs a lot of money just to keep up with the basics. And now the income has dried up and she didn't make enough in the past year and a half to live off of it."

"That money is gone and now she's facing desperate times."

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Maybe she should think about suing the fertility center for letting her have all those babies. Suing for your own stupid mistakes seems to be the trend.


I know people dont like to look away from car wrecks but seriously if we do then she will go away.


Namaste, Yep,yep,yep,that's fame in showbizzland. One time everybody wants a piece of you. And there is big money to make. Untill you are not interesting anymore. A nobody that is left on the streets with 14 children. She can always marry a rich but delusional popstar or actor. And when he has enough of her she can always let her self be inspired by Oksana and the Mel Gibson tapes. With 14 kids there must be one who has talent and make it big time in Hollywood. Hollywood Babylon that is. Ohm shanti.


this is total insanity. she is not only a stupid idiot, she obviously has a mental illness. does this country allow this or am i just not in touch with reality any more. will some one please let me know ?


LOL Supernaturaladdict you are an idiot haha, no she didn't have 14 kids at one time (it's never happened before) and no she went to the sperm bank to get her babies. She legally shouldn't have been allowed to have more. It seems you are the one who (in yours words) "want to speak on something u don't know about". Idiot.


How are the children doing? How are they being cared for? Octomom is not able to care for 14 children by herself. Chidlren on walfare grow up to think that is the way of life. When they are teenagers they don't have money for name brand cloths, movies etc., so they steal to have things like other teens. We pay higher prices at department stores. I really feel for these children. I wonder how much it is going to cost the tax payers to care for and educate the 14 children.


why should the taxpayers support her,she knew that she didn't have a job to support all of them children.. what a real idiot..


Why can't she just get money by doing social escorts? She doesn't look too bad, and the money's regular. Plenty of opportunities to earn more if she's willing to do more service. If she truly loves her kids, she would do any job. This is just her being picky and holding out for freebies. Where there's a will, there's a way. But she has no willingness, let alone will.


what was she thinking - single mum, no income and 14 children? brainless stupid idiot.


Well JIM that makes both u and The Octo Mom, sitting there trash talkin behind a keyboard u asswipe!!!


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