Octomom Facing Foreclosure Like Really Soon

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Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is going on welfare.


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    1. The 'sperm doner' and that stupied ass quack should start paying money to support the kids. What the hell were they thinking?? Nadya needs to get off her ass and make those guys pay.


    Maybe she could write a letter to Dr. Phil.


    she looks like oksana.. mel's ex


    Maybe, they'll invite her on Celebrity Survivor!!


    They should have had her on Dancing With the Stars and not Florence Henderson!! Now that's entertainment, the Sulymen doing the cha, cha, cha!!


    Another Kate Gosselin wannabe. Hey Kate wake up and smell the manure you spread, someday this will be YOU and it could not come soon enough.


    This fuckin dumb ass bitch!! Do you want some whine with your cheese cuz you aint going to get non from me!! You cause all this pain upon yourself, not to mention bring 14 kids into this world that you can not take care of!! Thanks now the goverment and our tax $$ (and you parents) will support you and your kids forever!! Do society a favor and get off the dole!!


    This whole situation leaves me scratching my head. Not going to lose sleep over it cause I know I am living life the right way. My husband and I, like most people, know our limits, financially and emotionally. We only have 2 children. Plus they were brought into this world the right way, with 2 loving parents. How can someone be so selfish as to produce all those children without a partner, no money, etc. and expect to survive? Selfish for the children too because they deserve the best and this mother is far from offering them that. Such a shame.


    I have a two questions:

    1. what is an unemployed woman (who has not had a job in ten years), who used disability payments to pay for IVF to produce everyone last one of those 14 kids (and now receives disabilities payments for many of them) doing trying to buy a $650k house in California in the first place?

    2. Why did her lawyer allow to do an interview with Radar Online whining about how "destitute" she is while wearing expensive eyelash extensions, a fresh manicure and an expensive designer outfit?

    Neither she, nor her lawyer seem to have any grasp, whatsoever, of reality outside of the enclave of Orange County. The rest of the world is looking at this crap, scratching its head and muttering "wtf? are they thinking?

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