New Miley Cyrus Single: What Do You Think?

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Originally meant to be included on the 2008 album "Giving You Up," Miley Cyrus has released a new single online.


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    Mileyforever*-*Bruno Mars prfoonda stima *-* scrive:Brutta str**** nn allargarti piu’ cretina che nn sei altro nn si tratta di telecamere ma di fare un gesto puro ignorante e poi Mils è piu’ famosa di Selena xke’ lo dice l’articolo le star piu’ famose idiota -.--è allora tutti fumano e poi ha fumato solo qualche volta-se lo puo’ permettere nn è una bambina cm te( vai a vendere i fazzolettini che non hai altro da fare)-si faceva uno al suo compleanno? ridicola era solo un bacio sul collo imbecille-inftt è una stupidagine xke lei è perfetta e ama i sui fan-dal suo cane? spiegati Mils ha il cane da prima della tua Selenasenti fai una cosa ritirati nn hai piu’ che inventarti nn ti sopporto piu’ sei una bimbominkia del cacchioSelena è mai andata 2 volte ad’Hiti?e Selena ha fatto questo servizio fotografico x beneficienza? NO NO e NOqui’ nn sei la benvenuta okkay smamma imbecille


    piece of shit


    I didnt listen to this song but lve got to say lm a pretty old guy and l loved this young girls The Climb.... the fact that she was what???? 15/16 when she sang it was just another reason why l really loved!! Did she write the song all by herself or what? Its inspirational... truly


    this actully already came out on youtube a few days ago...many of them came out around the same time


    Beautiful song...Don't know why it didn't make-it to the album; 'Breakout'. Also,I remember her(Miley)talking about it on Twitter last year(2009)when she actually used it's lyric's; "...this battle from within,I cannot win,'cause it's me I'm up against---It's my heart versus 'common-sense'..." bitter-sweet poetry...
    @Dee and @Warren are right though,THG---Miley doesn't live in Malibu. She lives in Toluca lake. Nice try at faking-it. Though you should know by-now that---the Real Miley Fan's know the difference...
    Congrat's on the Song,Supergirl...I do believe you have yet another winner...Later all; Hollywood---out...


    In your article you wrote:"Originally meant to be included on the 2008 album "Giving You Up," Miley Cyrus has released a new single online." There never was an album called "Giving You Up". The album was called Breakout. The song was a candidate for the Breakout album but was not used for whatever reason. This song was not released as a single, it was leaked, big difference! Labeling it as a newly released single is misleading your readers. Presenting it as a finished product also misleads your readers. As to the E! News rumor about Liam living in her home in Malibu. This rumor has been spread multiple times for every boy friend. With the paparazzi coverage she endures, no pictures or verification has ever been provided. It has also been previously debunked by Cyrus. Also, neither she or her parents live in Malibu. Your snippy remarks don't make sense. Using a two year old song and applying it to the present day, lacks reason.


    Yes I will buy this song if I can find it. I love Miley's voice. Anyway, Miley doesn't have a house in Malibu, but Hannah Montana lives there!


    this isn't a new single
    this is an old song that didn't make it to her Breakout album and it's not even finished


    I love all her music and ppl shouldn't be in her busy and stop trying to make her look like a whore and let her live her life don't ya have anything better to do then be gossiping about other ppl.


    i have heard better music from her. this is bad. and it sucked..even though im a still sucked

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