Naomi Campbell on Teresa Giudice: What a Role Model!

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It's safe to say that Teresa Giudice does not get along with Danielle Staub. Or Melissa Gorga. Or, really, anyone that has disdain for a spoiled self-promoter.

But the reality star can at least take comfort in the fact that a total nut job is in her corner. Isn't that right, Naomi Campbell?

Naomi Campbell admires Teresa Giudice. That sums up both women well.

"She's a role model," the model says. "A mother, businesswoman, [who's] cooking, cleaning the house - and her kids always look...amazing!"

Hmmm... what does it say about Campbell's take on women in general that she's impressed with a mother who can clean and hold down a job?

Giudice was flattered by such praise, which came from someone best known for violent outbursts against cameramen, cab drivers, people that don't bow down in her presence.

"I don't know how I do it, I just do," Teresa said, modest as always. "Everyone asks me, I swear to God, but I have a lot of energy. And great genes, I guess."

Just a word of advice, Teresa: maybe you should use some of that energy to get out of the mountains of debt that threaten to send you and your husband to jail.


These two have a lot in common. Both very violent and in trouble with the law. Maybe Naomi should find out about the rumors that Teresa does NOT approve of her half black sister in law. She might change her tune then.


That's cuz both Teresa and Naomi are violent bitches. Naomi pretty much attacks everyone. They have a lot of common these two. Both violent and ghetto. Both in trouble with the law. Maybe Naomi should know the rumors that Teresa may be racist and doesn't approve of her mixed sister in law?


Oops, let's not leave out the part which seals the nomination for superb mother: supporting your daughters' father driving drunk, lying to law enforcement and endangering innocent NJers at 1:30 a.m. in the morning.


OMG, Teresa as a psychopath! Good role model, Naomi? Really? A foul-mouthed maniac that can't control her temper or her spending, and doesn't pay her bills, and is $11 million in debt, and has filed for bankruptcy while hiding assets from the court. THAT'S a good role model? Obviously, Ms. Campbell is really uninformed or is in serious need of some psychiatric help herself. Perhaps the two of them can get a group discount.

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