MTV VMAs Fashion Face-Off: Selena Gomez vs. Miranda Cosgrove

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Taylor Swift may have stolen many of the headlines at the MTV Video Music Awards, due to her Kanye West-inspired performance, but two other young female artists also graced the white carpet.

Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove posed for photographers at the event, each choosing a vastly different dress than the other. But that's what makes a THG Fashion Face-Off so exciting.

Do you go with the shimmering silver, or the ruffled blue? Strapless or strapped? Cleavage-baring or cleave-covering? Compare. Contrast. Vote.

Miranda C.

Who looked best at the VMAs?




Why are you even making this about Miley??? Doesnt she have her own piece of the cake? Why do people find it hard to accept that Selena is awesome? THEY JUST HAVE TO BRING UP MILEY..... Its stupid and silly, different girls, different attitudes, different values get in in your heads people dont compare them... if they really are enemies its the fans that are making them so!!!!


@blaize l disagree, if Miley wore this dress, she would look lovely, stylish and classy, l doubt if anyone would call her skanky. I saw a picture of her in a long flowing cleavage bearing very similar dress to the one Selena is wearing, she looked great the only thing people didn't like was her pose- she slouched.


They are certainly both lovely young women. To my mind, however, there is no contest. I always prefer garments that give priority to the woman in the garment, rather than some particular part of the woman, say, for example, her body as opposed to her mind. It may seem difficult to imagine a dress that could display a woman as a whole person, but if you look at the dress Miranda is wearing, you will see how it is done. It is odd, because I have seen images of both young women in casual clothing, and they appear as any young woman in casual clothing appears. Comfortable in their own skin. When we dress to appear to others, a shift occurs, however, and what we imagine ourselves to be becomes separated from what we are. It is interesting to see a woman dress in such a way that her integrity becomes transparent. I find it delightful.




Selena Gomez wins, she looks beautiful in this dress while Miranda looks average. But I'm 99% sure that if Miley Cyrus wore the exact same dress as Selena-with the exact same pose- people would call it skanky. there's always some silly double standard when it comes to Miley.

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