Montana Fishburne: The Next Kim Kardashian?

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Montana Fishburne is aiming high.

The Kendra Wilkinson sex tape is currently dominating the market for such things, outselling rival Danielle Staub Raw by a reported margin of 4-to-1.

But it's another sex tape queen-turned household name Laurence Fishburne's 18-year-old daughter wants to channel as she basks in her porn debut:

Kim Kardashian.

Montana Fishburne Sextape

Maybe Montana can coax Kim and Ray back into the genre.

"I'm actually getting a lot of mainstream offers," Montana Fishburne said. "They are acting roles. I'm open to scripted and reality. It just all depends on the project. If something truly interests me, I'll get involved and want to make it happen."

Montana declines to say how much she earned for the Chippy D sex tape, but unabashedly admits she released the romp by design, for her career.

Her inspiration? "Kim Kardashian's sex tape was released, but she still got past that," says Montana. "Even though she got all that negative attention for it, she still has all these other ventures going on now. That is what I want to emulate."

Kim Kardashian is her idol for "having a tape come out and still being seen as positive. Not just, 'She's a porn star.'" Quite true. She's a pro celebrity now.

Chip says she's "happy" that her father's friends were unsuccessful when they tried to buy all copies in a last ditch effort to keep her sex tape secret.

Their current relationship is not good. "Until he respects me and accepts me for who I am, I don't think we will have much of a relationship," she says.

Still, she isn't bitter towards him: "I've had divorced parents since I was 2, and my dad was a really famous actor, but my life was as conventional as it could be. I had the best of the best: private schools, traveling the world. I've had a happy life."


This Montana Fishburne sure is a pretty girl. I really hope that she doesn't go into that same territory that Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are currently inhabiting. Really those girls (Paris and Kim) are really just two little .......,who are not deserving of all of the attention that they get. There are ways to get noticed and to get your name out there that don't involve taking off your clothes.These girls don't have any street cred.Montana,please don't go their route.


ok may be leah was right about kim can't be classy i looked it up but i still think she's pretty i love reese w and jessica abla cameron d and i love julia roberts and more. so i am sorry leah if u ever come back i don't like people pick on kim


ok pairs made a sex tape to and sleep with every guy to and she is rich not just because her name and her fans still like her so i still like kim all the way.


jessica s is a homewrecker and a slut i do not like her as for the others i like and IAM 33 AND NOT A LITTLE GIRL IF U WANT TO LOOK ON MY FB OF THE YER I WAS BORN WHICH IS 1977 .


Kims body smells like Ray J'S piss and her mouth tastes like ass and pee


My absolute fave part of Kim's sex tape is when Ray J was sticking his big d!ck in Kims Fake butt. Kim looked like she was in sooooooo much pain but she never told Ray J to pull out so you know she loved every minute of being a$$ rammed. She was like Ray J baby push it in harder, harder, push it baby. The look on Kims face was priceless looking into the camera all helpless lol


Sara its obvious u are a silly little girl so I wont go 2 hard on you, unlike you I have more important things to do with my day so this is the last time I will respond 2 u. But classy celebs are like the examples Jessica used below - Julia Roberts, Scarlet Johannsen, Halle Berry, Reece Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba etc. As Kim made a name for herself getting her a$$ ripped & torn to shreads by Brandy's little brother and peed on at the end of it she will NEVER fall under the classy catergory. Hence the reason Reggie or any of the men I mentioned below will ever marry her.


well i guess i show leah


yes i ma 33 u tell me who has class in all celebs leah


Sara u can tell by ur spelling,attitude and they way you talk you ARE NOT 33 lol.

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