Montana Fishburne Seeking Psychiatric Help

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Montana Fishburne needs help. No, seriously. She does.

We're talking serious psychiatric help, not just a figure of speech. The aspiring sex tape star and daughter of Laurence Fishburne is checking herself into an inpatient facility for anger management, behavioral problems and mental illnesses.

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Sources say Montana Fishburne will stay at the Southern California facility at least 30 days. She will be treated there for her anger issues, but will also undergo tests to determine if there are underlying behavioral or mental issues.

Montana is awaiting trial for beating up her current boyfriend's ex.

Laurence Fishburne is aware of that incident - the CSI star is even footing her legal bills - but was not aware of his 19-year-old daughter seeking help. He's also aware that she wants to be the next Kim Kardashian, although he'd rather not be.

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It was obvious from listening to her talk during an interview with Brian Pumper that this young lady had issues with her amigdala...I hope the psychological counseling will help her get her life in order. Mental illness among teenagers is real and not something that can dismissed as "just being a rebellious teen". Fame and fortune is no barrier from the disease but can afford one the proper treatment.


Good to know Pope! Is that from personal experiance or did you pay $9.99 to find that out?? And what do you mean by squirts-cuming??


She squirts nice tho :)


Yes, get the help that you need now before you ruin your life and career!!


ok i thought she wanted to be like kim thats good for her she needs help


Need to u


Well no shit Sherlock!! Who told you you have a problem???!!!