Miley Cyrus Video: No to Marriage, Boob Jobs and More!

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Miley Cyrus has taken to YouTube to clear up a number of rumors about her... and to introduce fans to a new family pet.

In the following 10-minute video, Miley rubs her sister's new dog, while sitting in her mom's shoe closet and dishing on the following topics:

  1. Talk of a boob job.
  2. Stories about an engagement to Liam Hemsworth.
  3. A run-in with the paparazzi and the police a couple weeks ago.

Let Cyrus catch you up on her life below:

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this is the miley i love and will always haters - suck it!


i am a huge miley fan and this video made me love her more.she is so adorable and i loved the way c cleared out all the fake rumours.i love u miley...


Namaste, Sadly and ironic. She is still young. As she gets older she might get into the trouble refelecting all the things that she is now denying. And then everybody has forgotten about this silly video. And focusing on her downfall and fall from grace. Only bringing it up to make a story of the happy Cyrus and the downfall of the Cyrus. Just like the Britney Spears saga. First having reality shows showing how wonderfull she lives. Months later almost ending up in the nuthouse. Screaming during a suicide-attempt: "I'm fake!" Why in the world would Cyrus put out a stupid video to the world denying rumors? Just sing, dance, smile and have your own life beyond the spottlights. This will only backfire at her. But she is still young. And I can't stop her. So let her enjoy it. Her time will come. There is no happy ending in Hollywood Babylon. So let it be written, so let it be done. Ohm shanti.


she talks really fast like she's from NY cause that's how I talk and my friends and we're from NY but she has a country accent lol
she's kinda cool but I'm not a fan yet


please no one really believes miley was about to marry anyone
she's 17
who the hell are this crazy bored people who's job is to make this stories up


its really good that her family take in rescue dogs


her dogs are adorable!!!


she jus humen n this video shows dat n she anit as bad as u all think!!! luv yah miley !! never judge n book bai its cover peeps....


i'm so glad miley did this video.. because it shows all her true fans how much she cares about them! it really means alot. i love you miley and i'll support you forever!


This is really nice......not really a Miley fan (don't dislike her either).....but this is just a REALLY good example of a person just being honest & human (like the rest of us). VERY refreshing that she doesn't hate her fans (due to lack of privacy) who have given her so much and put her where she is today.