Miley Cyrus to Paparazzi: Leave Me Alone!

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It's amazing, but true: THG is on the side of Miley Cyrus. Kind of. Sort of. Mostly, at least.

Following dinner with Demi Lovato last night, the singer/actress was followed back to her car by a couple members of the paparazzi. They blinded her with their flashes and wouldn't move out of her way when asked.

Miley responded by turning her back to the cameras and covering her face, not exactly the most mature move (and one that she should have known would clearly make this into a story)... but, really, can you blame her for getting fed up?

It's one thing for reporters to cover the actions of a celebrity. It's another, far seedier thing for reporters to harass a celebrity during a meaningless night out, in the hopes of irritating said star into actually creating a supposed scandal.

That's not any kind of journalism. That's just provocation.

Fortunately, Miley has Liam Hemsworth at home to once again offer her comfort and support.


@RFirece? Celebrities are not "people." In this day and age, a majority of stars - Speidi, the Kardashians, Bristol Palin - are famous solely b/c they do NOT want to be left alone. They seek out the paparazzi every chance they get.
Trust me, this is my job. There are many restaurants in Hollywood that stars go to b/c they know for a fact cameras will be there. It's how they remain relevant and in the news.


What kind of idiot does something like that? Sometimes people just like to be left ALONE!


@Dee: Miley has chosen a life in the spotlight and with that comes these sorts of situations. It's ignorant to think she wasn't 100% aware that photographers would be present when she went to dinner with Lovato. She chose to go to a well-known Hollywood eatery. It's ridiculous of these paparazzi to just snap away as she walks, but she also has to learn to be mature and keep ignoring them. Otherwise, she's giving them exactly what they are after.
What would I have done as a regular person? Snapped in some way. What would I do as a millionaire celebrity who is aware of what is in store when I go out? Live with it or eat elsewhere.


@HiltonHater....In your article you said that her actions were not the most mature move. If your peers were harassing you in a similar manner, what would your mature move be?


@Kelly Bell...I agree with you completely. They also threaten the safety of anyone nearby.


The paparazzi gets carried away. With all those flashes going off, they probably temporarly blinded her. How in the world was she suppose to see properly to drive away safely. Paparazzi people have to realize that at times, they put these stars lives in danger. How would they feel if people put their family in danger with things like this. They need to GET A LIFE!!!!


I don't blame her at all. leave the poor girl alone!!


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