Miley Cyrus to Paparazzi: Leave Me Alone!

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It's amazing, but true: THG is on the side of Miley Cyrus. Kind of. Sort of. Mostly, at least.

Following dinner with Demi Lovato last night, the singer/actress was followed back to her car by a couple members of the paparazzi. They blinded her with their flashes and wouldn't move out of her way when asked.

Miley responded by turning her back to the cameras and covering her face, not exactly the most mature move (and one that she should have known would clearly make this into a story)... but, really, can you blame her for getting fed up?

It's one thing for reporters to cover the actions of a celebrity. It's another, far seedier thing for reporters to harass a celebrity during a meaningless night out, in the hopes of irritating said star into actually creating a supposed scandal.

That's not any kind of journalism. That's just provocation.

Fortunately, Miley has Liam Hemsworth at home to once again offer her comfort and support.


In this case it was the adults that were immature, not Miley and Demi, who tried to cover their faces. @Hilton Hater: while it's true that with being famous comes a lot less privacy, sometimes people get carried away. Even though I'm the same age as Demi Lovato, she and Miley Cyrus handled the situation a lot more maturely than I- and a lot of older people both in and outside of Hollywood- would have. I probably would have got pissed off and started yelling.


I am waiting for Hollywoods opinion too!!!


irritating paparazzi...just freaking leave her alone


@rjclark260, stop it.


@Dee , I have a lot of respect for you and your opinions. Why should Miley be harrassed in that way? However, she shouldnt have made a scene quite to that extent, but she needed to make her point and get it across! People practically track her movements, so why should she stop living her life in the way she wants? a meal with a friend? a casual drive? a wee bit of shopping? her job is to entertain people, not fill up the medias free time!
@Hollywood? I havnt seen a post from you! I am very much anticipating your sure to be helpful input in the Back Off Of Miley Cyrus Programme! lol x


Miley> You are nothing but another skank..


Poor Miley, she doesn't deserve that. I feel sorry for her at that moment. She's a really nice person. (:
and i totally understand why Miley got a lil pissed at them, i would too! . I agree with Miley - the paparrazi'es aren't nice, they're disgusting!
I wish they would leave her alone!
I LOVE YOU MiLEY . Keep on rocking, your perfect in every lil detail! :] ♥


My God, poor kids! Let them alone! They can not go out to dinner and are surrounded by paparazzi with flashes every second in your eyes. Miley, Demi and all the young stars need protection!


Come on there should be a law that if a person refuses to take a picture you should leave him \ her alone or you'll be at risked of being prosecuted
there is a LIMIT to this so called freedom of the press
i say shoot paparazi on sight


Yeah, Miley is aware that the paps will be there. Why wouldn't she be? They've been following her around for years and camp in front of her house or anywhere she goes. Doesn't make it right. Miley has always been pretty nice to talk with the press and have some pics taken, but these paps are going over the line. They are dissing her to get a reaction and trying to make a story instead of reporting on one. They are preventing Miley from moving freely and endangering people's lives. When people are crowding you it can be scary and frustrating if there are no security people to keep things in order. I've seen Miley rushed by the paps and it is like a bunch of wild vicious animals on your tail. They need to use the anti-stalking laws on some of these people, because yes Miley is a person and does have rights too.


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