Miley Cyrus Really Might Be Dating Douglas Booth

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When Miley Cyrus broke up with Liam Hemsworth, many fans wondered about the reasons behind this split.

One rumor: Cyrus had fallen for LOL co-star Douglas Booth. It seemed like mere speculation at the time, as the only proof of a romance between this pair was an anonymous bartender's eyewitness account of their behavior during a night out.

But now the following photo has surfaced, which depicts movie cast members posing for a group photo. Draw your own conclusions from the way Booth is holding Miley:

Miley, New Boyfriend?

Earlier in the week, Cyrus, Booth and Ashley Greene splashed around Paris while filming scenes for the upcoming film. The man with his arms around Miley in the picture above looked mighty cozy with her in those, too.

See for yourself.


seriously miley? you're such a SLUT . quit it already , first the poor prostitute lok , and now you're dating any guy that gives you his c@ck right away,
instead of growing up , you're just being a ridiculous bitch.


Can't believe no one has commented on how great Ashley Greene and her cleavage looks. You all must be women or gay. Joe's going to be smiling when she lets him play with her boobies.


So miley has to date every guy she starts in a A movie with? for reals they could just be friend get your facts straight if you dont know for reals dont post it at all


i read about tthis movie and its so boring. its probaby gonna be #3 the first day then after a week its gonna be 7


haha! please, for all we know, this could've been a part of the movie. yah! they pose in pics in movies, you know. and, of coarse, maybe they are dating. honestly, it's cool. no one needs to get all drool, drool-holy shit over it. just who cares. i love miley. oh and yah, maybe they are just friends. possibility? sure. does it matter? hah, not really. LOVE YA, MILES.


they might just be good friends no one can tell


You guys have it all wrong Miley and Ashley Greene are totally an item.


LMAAAAO you do know that on the same day Tanz had a picture with her just like that? It's for the movie stupid idiot.


well they might be good friends you never no dont jump in to peoples life i bet it get annoying

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