Miley Cyrus Really Might Be Dating Douglas Booth

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When Miley Cyrus broke up with Liam Hemsworth, many fans wondered about the reasons behind this split.

One rumor: Cyrus had fallen for LOL co-star Douglas Booth. It seemed like mere speculation at the time, as the only proof of a romance between this pair was an anonymous bartender's eyewitness account of their behavior during a night out.

But now the following photo has surfaced, which depicts movie cast members posing for a group photo. Draw your own conclusions from the way Booth is holding Miley:

Miley, New Boyfriend?

Earlier in the week, Cyrus, Booth and Ashley Greene splashed around Paris while filming scenes for the upcoming film. The man with his arms around Miley in the picture above looked mighty cozy with her in those, too.

See for yourself.


Miley is a slut... yes @Claire and everyone else she is a S.L.U.T!!! lm 12 and l know what a slut is, l looked it up and No l did not see it here l saw it on Hiltons site. Miley is A little white bitch, Liam and Justin both used her for sex and fame she is a disgrace to our country and our people!!! You just wait and see, November is around the corner.... Just wait and see and l will get to tell you i told you so!!!!!!!!!!!


i think Miley first knew him when she was talking to Douglas on the phone in a PHONE BOOTH!!


@Annie, @ Mellody, @ Pel< you guys honestly need to grow up i'm pretty sure you guys have dated a bunch of guys in your time..she's not the only one..and about the clothing ordeal people wore worse things in 1980's..Wow really you guys dont even know miley you just know what the internet and stuff says. MOST OF IT AIN'T TRUE..I mean if your going to calll someone a "slut" that you dont even know you must have low confidence!!!! make sure your life is right before you go judging someone else!! and BTW people can dance anyway they want the world is changing people..


Who gives a flying rat's @*(@?


i think she can't live without a man.


all i hear is slut slut slut slut .... im no huge fan of miley but take a look around you girls at ages of 16 -18 are dressing way worse you think miley is setting the tone but she's not she is imitating bigger stars exactly like the rest of the girls her age. and WHO CARES

Avatar people sure do like the word slut.but then again its probably the only word you know! Miley's not a slut thanks.!


Woooow such news!! NOT!Dude every guy that does a movie with her she dates!! I give them 6 months toooops!! sHE IS SUCH A [SLUT! aND i AM 11 YEARS OOOLD!


@Annie:Actually, YOU sound more like the ridiculous child who needs to grow up to me. first of all, dating doesn't make a person a slut. Second, you don't even know if she's really dating him. You have no facts and yet here you go saying dumb things like "your dancing gave me aids" and "you date any guy that will give you his cock right away". Please, grow up. Or at least develop some common sense, moron. Judging by the stupidity you've expressed, Miley Cyrus is more mature than you are.


they may be just friends...the made a movie together got to know each other and wanna be friends...cant u guys just c

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