Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Back On?

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So much for those Douglas Booth rumors. Maybe.

Sources now say that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are an item once again, as the pair were spotted together at a Los Angeles Stabucks yesterday morning, soon after Cyrus returned from filming LOL in France.

Booth and Cyrus

So many men for Miley Cyrus, so little time...

Cyrus and Hemsworth dated for about a year and then broke up last month. But friends said all along that it wouldn't be difficult to imagine a reconciliation between the duo.


Suck his balls miley!


what??? niley forever hemsworth no,no,no just let miley think she do's what she does


niley sucks! liam & miley are a cute couple and why do you care about them its there personal life duh


oh i don't like liam 4 miley he's so too old for miley..
he's like miley's uncle..
go niley (miley cyrus and nick jonas) forever..


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Oops l hadn't seen your post Hollywood!! I wanted to imitate your exact exit.... thanks!!
So its.... Later,all; Who Cares???---out.


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@who cares: you're annoying just about everyone else with your ignorance, little girl. And no I'm not talking about Miley. You must think you're so cool, calling people stuff like that for no apparent reason. Do you think everybody who dates is a "slutty bitch"?


I know.... @rjclark260
She is certainly annoying the hell out of me... the little slutty bitch!!

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