Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Back On?

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So much for those Douglas Booth rumors. Maybe.

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    Suck his balls miley!


    what??? niley forever hemsworth no,no,no just let miley think she do's what she does


    niley sucks! liam & miley are a cute couple and why do you care about them its there personal life duh


    oh i don't like liam 4 miley he's so too old for miley..
    he's like miley's uncle..
    go niley (miley cyrus and nick jonas) forever..


    @Who cares: Hey--why not! If you're going to steal---why not steal from the best. Ha,ha! Say; my posts wouldn't be that long and boring---if your mind worked right and you could keep-up...Suggestion---Read more. And perhaps something besides the funny-papers. Real Books. Whatever you're into---you won't be disappointed...Your future will suddenly seem a whole lot---Brighter...It's okay---you can say-it with me. Lol! Here we go---Later all;Hollywood---out...


    Oops l hadn't seen your post Hollywood!! I wanted to imitate your exact exit.... thanks!!
    So its.... Later,all; Who Cares???---out.


    Okay Blaize.... l guess this wasn't getting funnier anyway that douche Hollywood posts comments that are way too long and boring for me to follow anyway. So Later!!


    @Who cares??? Have you not read my other posts??? Didn't I tell you that you're going to be late for the short-bus if you don't get a move-on?? My God---but you can't even get that right when someone's giving you directions. What a sad future you have...
    Come-on,now---scoot along. Shoo! Shoo! You warped little rodent...
    And this time---don't let the others take away all of your lunch money. Without food your feeble little mind will be even MORE deprived and will atrophy further(if that's possible)...
    You just make this so blasted easy...
    Anyhow---that's all for now. Later,all; Hollywood---out...


    @who cares: you're annoying just about everyone else with your ignorance, little girl. And no I'm not talking about Miley. You must think you're so cool, calling people stuff like that for no apparent reason. Do you think everybody who dates is a "slutty bitch"?


    I know.... @rjclark260
    She is certainly annoying the hell out of me... the little slutty bitch!!

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