Michaele Salahi: An "Embarrassment" to the Housewives Franchise, Possibly Fired

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Not everyone is sympathetic to Michaele Salahi. The reality star admitted on Fox News this week that she is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, but that hasn't stopped a Real Housewife from saying of Michaele and husband Tareq:

"They are an embarrassment to the franchise. They are a loose cannon. Now, Michaele has revealed she has multiple sclerosis; next she'll be announcing she is pregnant with triplets to get attention."

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Reportedly, Bravo executives are equally annoyed by the couple. With ratings low for The Real Housewives of D.C., a source told Pop Eater:

"The DC show is the only show in the entire franchise that isn't a true hit. And the Salahis are the biggest reason for that. At first, execs thought they struck gold with all the attention the couple got over the White House dinner. But now they realize not all press is good press and this couple's involvement in the show has turned more viewers off than on."

One major sticking point between Michaele, Tareq and the network: the Salahis claim they are under a gag order to NOT discuss the infamous White House party crashing incident. But Bravo says this is simply a lie, releasing a statement that reads:

"Bravo [has] consistently and repeatedly stated to the Salahis and their representatives that they were free to speak to press, law enforcement, Congress and anyone else about attending the State Dinner. Indeed, they have given multiple press interviews on that very subject."

Wait... the Salahis have been dishonest about something? Truly shocking.

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the salahis a verb two crash dummies


the salahi's a verb, two crash dummies.


@Renee, I see you have problems with Lynda, don't know why, the woman speaks the truth, she tells it like it is and doesn't hold back for anyone, if they deserve it they she is gonna speak her mind as she should. She is a very strong woman, she has her shit together and she is very strong and very independent, that is what we need to see here, that is more independent women with lives of their own answer to no man, make you own decision. But, maybe that is too much for you, huh? That's ok, people like me love seeing women like Lynda, it gives me hope. I love her, she is awesome, she is strong and vibrant, mature, beautiful woman. You my dear, is just jealous of her, and you shouldn't be you should strive to be strong not like a lying hog like Michaela.


@shay, my goodness, you sound so stupid. I mean really, you really sound so stupid by saying such an idiotic thing. But oh wait, you must be just like Michaela and Tareq, you are all liars. this is why you can make such a stupid comment or statement or whatever it was just so stupid, you sound like Michaela, a lying slut, if you're a man, well if the shoe fits wear it, buddy. You don't like Cat and Lynda because they tell it like it is they don't hold back they tell the truth, always. The problem is you don't, just like Michaela and Tareq who are nothing but liars and very evil like the DEVIL, yeah that's right, I said it DEVIL, people like that should be put down. Take it how ever you want, again you sound so stupid. A person who doesn't know anything but talk on whatever is coming out of your ass. But hey, that's just you, right? Yeah right, you are entitled to your opinion even if it is so stupid.


Michaele and Tareq are the only ones on the show that I like....let me put the others in order of my dislike.
1. Cat - would not miss if I never saw her again
2. Lynda - get over herself and know that her time has passed or she is passed her time...
I think the others housewives pick on her... So what if she married and improved her station in life. Good for her and I tell you she has enough class not to have a party and dis someone while they are not there. I believe Tareq only spoke of the polo car thief because he wanted to defend his wife when everyone was complaining that night about her weight and that was his way of stopping the conversation and turning the attention to someone else.


I'm so glad to hear others say the DCHWs are BORING. I actually don't find Cat boring...she is like a edgy cartoon chararcter to me. I don't like her...I don't dislike her...but I sure think she adds some spice to the show. Of course, Michael's a whack job, so that could NEVER be boring! Stacy's sweet, so that may make her a little boring, Mary COULD be interesting if we could see more of her with her kids. But LYNDA, OMG, LYNDA...she wins hands down for the MOST BORING HOUSEWIFE. ever. What she lacks in personality she makes up for in....ummmm....NOTHING. I truly don't know how she was selected, unless it was because she was a "mean girl" That is all she has to offer. NYC's Alex was a little boring to me, but Simon kicked it up a notch. And Alex is smart and kind...Lynda is VACANT and MEAN.


I thought the Salahi made the show. I love them. The rest of the housewives just bashed them, if they would have lived their lives instead of bashing the Salahi's maybe it would be more interesting. Go Salahi live your lives. I think you are great. To Cat I hope you watched yourself on TV. Your husband's face was very telling when you talked. You are the one who had the biggest effect on his career. Shame on you, talking about taking responsiblity for your actions.


The Salahi's at least don't act so stuffy and snobby. These other ladies do, I felt they were acting terrible , wanting bad things to happen to the salahi's It was a stupid dinner, Good grief, you would of thought they had done something really bad


Is she a guy or isn't she? And where does the money they keep spending come from?


Its not just them. Its the whole cast. Watching that show is like watching paint dry

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