Michael Grimm Signs Record Deal

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America's Got Talent winner Michael Grimm is more than just a reality show champion and recent fiance.

He's also now an official professional singer, having signed a deal with Epic Records this week.

Currently rehearsing for America’s Got Talent Live, a tour which begins on Friday and include fellow finalists Prince Poppycock and Jackie Evancho, Grimm will aim to release a solo album in March 2011.

Soon after conquering the aforementioned competition, Grimm said of his eventual CD: “I know the genre, I know the route I want to go on this album, what it looks like, and smells like, and sounds like."

Sounds like a confidence crooner. We'll be curious to hear the final product.

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Roxanne, what people do you think CAN sing soul? You have a right to your opinion but I wonder where you are from 'cause it seems to me you don't know much about the South or soul. The life Michael has led has put the heart into his singing. "Soul" isn't something that can be taught, it has to be experienced and comes from deep inside. (It's the same with the Blues). Michael reminds me of the late Ray Charles and if you don't think that's soul I don't know what you think IS. And if you check out Michael's music you will find that he doesn't just do "covers" he does origional music too. Awesome voice and (YES!) talent too.


Mark Rivers, Roxanne, Shame on you guys (and girl). Be happy for the fellow. He does have a great voice and as far as his choice of song. Well - he couldn't do any better. He can sing better than anyone I've heard in a very long time. Go Michael. I hope you make millions................... And as far as being from the south. Well from where I'm sitting. South is a great place to be. And about Hurricane Katrina. Well I wasn't in Katrina, but I was in Hugo and believe me - it took a long long time to get over and Katrina was much worse, so I know the victims are still rebounding. Good luck to Michael and his family and good luck to a Katrina victims.


I buy MAYBE 1 cd a year. Last year it was Susan Boyle. This year it is Michael Grimm. AWESOME--the whole package.


If you doubt Michael Grimm's talent, treat yourself to his Live CD, dipping into "Proud Mary" (CCR and Tina who?)and "Old Biloxi", which Michael wrote. Still unhappy? Go to youtube and Michael Grimm Live at Green Valley Ranch - a collection of songs with "With a Little Help From My Friends" near the end. He leaves Joe Cocker standing in his dust. If you want to be unhappy, I can't help you, but you're missing the good stuff. From Bill Medley's recent interview: "AGT showed only about 20% of Michael's true talent." Take it from a legend.


Sources close to Michael Grimm say he hasn’t signed any recording deals. If you want some Real News, Michael’s fedora is up for auction on e-bay with proceeds going to charity for rebuilding the area where he grew up.


Michael Grimm IS the BEST SOUL SINGER EVER!!! He sings cover songs BETTER than the original singers. MG's original songs are incredible, so VERY soulful, they touch you to the core of your soul IF you have a soul. Once Michael is backed by a decent record label, he will put out CD'S that will change any naysayers tune. Michael has TAlENT and staying power. Michael has a huge fan base, that is growing bigger every day. Michael is spending his AGT win on a home for his Grandparents and is going to help people in Mississippi who lost everything to Hurricane Katrina. Michael puts OTHERS before himself. He's lived what he sings and he sings from his heart. There is nothing fake about Michael Grimm.


"Soulful?" Don't insult soul singers. Grimm is a white boy from a trailer down by the river. He can sing covers but is far, far, FAR from talented. He deserves what he got--Simon's whipping boy until he stops making him a couple of bucks. Kevin Skinner anyone?


Great for him! Glad to see he is being successful.


Michael Grimm is without doubt the best singer to come along in a long time. His voice is soulful and passionate and I just can't get enough. Obviously a lot of other people feel the same.


I can't wait to buy his new album.. All of his others are absolutely incredible... For those of you who are saying he won't go far and didn't deserve to win, you're completely wrong.. He's an oustanding singer, a great guitar player, and a wonderful song writer. America DID vote, and chose the right winner.