Melissa Gorga Joins Cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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Teresa Giudice might be leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but her family will still be represented on season three of this Bravo hit.

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    Melissa be proud of you ancestry girl. Don't be a lier. I am a fair Puerto Rican with greens and I was bullied by my own kind in elementary school. The kids would tell me that my mommy found me in a garbage just because I was fair. Do you think your girls are not being bullied?


    She is the most beautiful, sensible, adorable one on the show. Melissa and her husband are the best happy couple. Please move away from Theresa.


    First of all it has always been said by the white man if a person has any black in them, they are considered black.


    Melissa is very pretty regardless of her ethnicity. Why are Americans sooo obsessed with what color everybody is? It's 2012 - get over it! Even if she is half Black she does NOT owe anybody and explanation and nobody has the right to "claim" her if she doesn't want to be claimed. Even if she is half Black she has made it clear that she has married into an Italian American family and that is how she is raising her children.


    HEY, IDIOTS. Her father is half black. There. Sorry, not Arab, nope, black. Negro. Get over it.


    No matter what anyone may thing, these broads, short dudes and stereotypes are the luckiest people on the planet who live fake lives, fake riches on a fake TV show.


    To those who keep saying Sicilians are of Arab decent, go back and re read your history. Moors were North African BLACKS! Even the term Moor means "to have black skin". The Arab "look" that you describe didn't start in the Northwest but in the eastern part of Africa. In Egypt, due to the Romans and Greeks invading that part of the world and guess what Arabs are...Light skinned blacks! Get over yourselves. Being of black ancestry, whether 100% or 10% isn't a bad thing. For crying out loud every woman on the show tans. Why? To look more white?! My husband is Italian and hates how this show depicts Italian Americans. So what if Melissa is biracial. She's gorgeous.


    Apparently,no one knows history. Kitkat you don't know jack. Most all of Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and some Arabs, are mix with African blood; hence the skin and hair same texture as African American Hair. Did you not know that African slaves were shipped to South America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Carribeans and other places in addition to America. And most certain you think them Italians, along with them Spainards and Arabs didn't swim across them waters to Africa seeing how close in locations. I willing to bet Melissa is half black or maybe Louisiana creole(remember those mixed black folk in new orleans who look more white than some so-called whites) trying to pass for white. But us(BLK folk) can spot'um a mile away. She is black in blood. She's not fooling us. But who cares if she lack confidence in herself or heritage. Don't watch the show,just commented on the picture I came across

    @ NoUrHistory

    I am half black. I am the same complexion of Melissa and have the same hair texture as she does.


    Some of your guys are so ignorant and are in such denial! It is a fact that civilization started in Africa. Anyone with half of a brain knows that the slave trade migrated fro
    Africa into the south america, central america, carribeans into the United States. Latinos from these regions are of African descent. And must you really be educated on Arabs, Asians and even the Jews of the middle east! Use google to get a quick education if one of the millions of books on this tooic is to hard or has too many pages for you morons to read!


    "knowitall" doesn't know anything. Tectonic plates have nothing to do with ancestry, and Moors were a mix of Arabs and Berbers, both of which were Caucasian. Southern Italians and Spaniards only have a tiny bit of Moorish mixture anyway.

    @ Reality Check

    every arab and berber is mix of african black,all of them. that is why they have dark skin.the dark hair,the big nose,the women big butt,hips,full lips are all black features.the first europeans who came in that continent were marrying the black girls and they were taking their childrens with them.the reason why they call them semite is because they are mix race,in fact semite came from semi which mean half and half in english.all of them.if you want to know more about this topic,send me an email

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