Meghan McCain: Sarah Palin Loves Attention!

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Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, is not only funny, refreshingly candid and entertaining as hell, she's a cutie too. Talk about the whole package!

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    Bristol Palin shames single Mothers in this world, you can see that she is a slut from the north . In this world there are single mother not by choice with out fathers . Look at war for the last 8 years that we made single mother with a gun wow. The Palins talk family . Look who is raising Bristol baby your taxes dollars cool , why


    I'm ashamed to admit I'm from Arizona...don't vote for McCain as I don't trust him and now his daughter has a book of such things? Are the McCain's for real or just playing politics? WHAT AN EMBARASSMENT THEY ARE! I agree with the reality show wanna-be comment.


    meghan needs a man like myself in her life cuz she might be too lonely to criticize other people


    She won all the debates? Meghan, you're an idiot.
    I have no respect for you or your father. He catapulted this evil woman, Sarah Palin, onto the national stage and you can't even be honest about her crazy behavior.
    And, the country did notice that your dad and you were silent when Beck and Palin went to DC with their racist rally and took a dump on MLK's memory.


    Meghan seems to have it about right IMO.

    Her dad would have been a far more effective leader than the Great Black Hype.


    Meghan McCain's had her 5 minutes of will she please go away!


    People sure like to make fun of Megan for her physical appearance, but i'm sure if anyone said the same about Palin...woah would they throw a hissy fit!

    georgi - the irony is dizzingly astonding in your statements. get a life.


    And who loves Meghan McCain, I'm sure mom and dad do but nobody else cares to hear her opinion


    at georgi HEY DICK HEAD stop making fun of ppls weight u sound like a complete dumbass shes beautiful and not even fat your just a racist who likes sarah palin


    This is the pot calling the kettle black. Ms. McCain is a chubby little imbecile who craves attention and apparently has inherited her father's snarkiness. Who is she to make fun of anyone. She's a reality show wannabe and about as talented as the children of Lorenzo Lamas (remember those idiots?).It doesn't take talent to pen a gossip column which is what she apparently has done. Another waste of oxygen. Where is Al Gore when you need him?!

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