Mark Ballas Fears Bristol Palin Will Be "Embarrassing" on Dancing With the Stars

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Will Bristol Palin be good, bad or downright embarrassing on Dancing With the Stars? Sources close to her partner, Mark Ballas, say he's fearful of the latter.

Mark worries that Bristol, who canceled Tuesday's rehearsal because she's giving a speech, has been missing so many that their debut could be beyond bad.

Last week, Bristol canceled practice because her son, Tripp, was ill, which us understandable, but she was only able to practice a half day Thursday too.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas Picture

Has she bitten off more than she can chew? [Photo: ABC]

Maybe not. Other sources say Bristol Palin has been making solid progress and will continue pushing herself hard until the first live TV show September 20.

It's only Dancing With the Stars, too.

If she's terrible, we've likely seen worse over the previous 10 seasons. Besides, an early ouster just means more time to launch her run for mayor of Wasilla.


Shame on you, Mark Ballas, for saying that ! How could you pre-empt Bristols performance like that. So what if it's not perfect, we've seen dozens of disastrous performances on DWTS - it's all part of the fun. You shud just do your best to train her as best you can in whatever little time there is, and stop WHINING.


I hope she does well.


He does not have much to work with. She herself said she cannot dance. Also she took time out because her baby was sick and she had to give a speech. Maybe she should have waited until he baby is older to get into something like this. You cannot blame the teacher if the student is not teachable.


Mark Ballas is the worst teacher of all the pros. If Bristol does badly it will be his fault so he should stop complaining.

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