Mackenzie Foy: Cast as Renesmee in Breaking Dawn

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Mackenzie Foy is only nine years old. But we hope she's ready for the craziness that surrounds the Twilight Saga.

Numerous sources confirm that Foy has landed the vital Breaking Dawn role of Renesmee, the immortal child spawned by Edward and Bella in the final installment of this beloved franchise. The young actress has guest-starred on such shows as FlashForward and 'Til Death and is pictured here:

Breaking Dawn Poster: Jacob

How will the actress portray a character who ages many years in a short period of time? It's unclear, but look for digital effects to come in handy. For now, we're simply asking fans to sound off: What do you think of this casting?

You can also chime in on the casting of Maggie Grace, who will play Irina in Breaking Dawn. Does she fit the Twilight mold?

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She's precious! Look at that darling face.


Wow... people really? She doesnt have the right hair/eye color. Have you all forgotten about hair dye/wigs/computer magic and contacts? As for as how they make the baby look like her.... umm... computers! I would presume with computers and special effects they can make her look younger etc.
She is a beautiful girl and looks like she could be the daughter of Kristen and Robert.


why do people keep saying oh she doesn't look the part...her hair is wrong, her eyes are wrong.People, i am sure they changed that during filming, why would they keep her with red hair.also there is this thing called digital effects to make her look younger!


shes perfect for her role.. she looks Innocent and cute..Just like bella's face ! :) She'll be great!.. the story breaking dawn.. renesmee grew faster and faster each day cuz shes still half vampire half human.. So its okay if shes a 10 yr old girl..Shes fit Thats it :)


Mackenzie is perfect for the role :) enough said.


I don't think she fits the role as far as her looks go. Please re-cast


can someone let me know how to watch these in order ?? how many are out ??


yes shes beautiful, and stranglyy fits as bella and edwards child but shes way to old. re cast! x


she is not right renesmee should have red hair and be a lot younger not a nine year old i am really disapointed


Hey i love mackinze she is the perfact role to play nessie the last thing i heard was that theyll put her face on a baby and haveing her age like that i love twilight i love breaking dawn its the 1 of the best book ive ever read