Lynda Erkiletian to Michaele Salahi: Seek Professional Help!

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We know someone who won't be purchasing a Michaele Salahi barbie doll.

Real Housewives of D.C. socialite Lynda Erkiletian spoke to E! News this week and was asked about her controversial, self-centered co-star. What advice does she have for Salahi?

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"Get a therapist," Erkiletian said. "I think it's really unfortunate that people feel like they have to make things up to create a spotlight. I think it's better to just work for it as opposed to making it up."

Michaele recently announced - in a televised interview, of course -  that she had multiple sclerosis. But even this revelation didn't sit well with Erkiletian.

"I was very surprised," Erkiletian said. "No one really knows what they're making up, but I hope that she's not using MS, something as serious as that, to sell a book. Even I would be shocked by that. I wish her the best and I hope that she's getting proper treatment. She looks amazing so let's hope that's not MS being BS."

Oohh, look at that play on letters!

Rumors and sources claim Salahi and her husband have already been fired from the Housewives franchise. Will you miss them when they're gone?


I like Michaele Salahi. Without her DC Housewives are completely boring. I get it, okay? Michaele and her deePly weird hubby are crazy. But, they make for good T V. The other DC Housewives are mere props for showcasing the lunacy of the Salahis. Can't bring back DC Housewives for another season? Get the Salahis into the jersey or New York Housewives. Keep the crazy but compelling to watch Salahis on the air. Good, bad or Iindifferent the Salahis draw the crowds. All good.


Montel has MS and he looks great and hosted a show for years. Michaele has been crucified by the press and THESE cast mates on Bravo. I can't stand Cat and Lynda ... Stacie and Mary follow close behind that dislike. HORRIBLE women they are. Horrible. WHERE does BRAVO find these dressed-up tramps?


I actually will miss them. I'm inexplicably drawn to their crazy lies, to the point where I wonder what they'll think up next. And watching them do interviews? Priceless. There is an art to dodging questions, answering questions that weren't asked, and flat-out ignoring interviewers...The Salahis have mastered that art. I watch them in hopes that I can witness the moment they get painted into a corner. Thus far, it seems that they are too crafty to be stumbled by a direct confrontation. But I'll be waiting. LOL


I knew someone who passed away from MS and this fame whore who claims that she has had if for the last 17 years shows absolutely NO SIGNS of having it, so I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this wasn't more BS from the BS artists!

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