Lisbeth Lyons: Rumored John Boehner Mistress!

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Shortly after announcing his party's "Pledge to America" - the platform on which Republicans plan to run in the November elections - House Minority Leader John Boehner met briefly with reporters.

He was asked questions about the deficit, foreclosures... and Lisbeth Lyons. The latter is the VP of Government Affairs for the Printing Industries of America, and she's the woman with whom blogger Mike Stark has heard Boehner is having an affair.

Near the end of this video, Stark asks the congressman about Lyons. Watch and see his response:

Is silence an admission of guilty? Of course not. But the least he could have said is: Boehner... I hardly know her!

Meanwhile, Stark also called up Lyons herself.

She asked what publication Stark worked for and then simply offered up a "no comment." Watch that exchange here:

[video url="" title="Response by Lisbeth Lyons"] [/video]


Did Lisbeth get Boehnered? Say hello to John Edwards orange man.


Boehner and McConnell are so busy trying to hurt this country while pretending to have a contract with America, maybe Boehner forgot he had a mistress. In this age of technology, sooner or later someone will come forward with some text messages, emails, or photos. A real patriot, which is what republicans claim to be, would put aside their political differences and get this country back on it's feet. I guess their country first slogan during their 2008 republican convention was more lies to fool Americans, and less action, to help Americans.


Honestly, you can look at Boehner and figure someone that arrogant and vain is going to be a player! He IMO is just as bad a personality as Pelosi, two peas in a pod!


I don't care who Boehner screws I'm concerned about his inability to help pass any worthwhile legislation that will help this president bring jobs to this country


Looks like the Orange Boner has struck again.


Looks like Boehner has a problem.


No comment! Well then it must be true. Morons!