Lindsay Lohan "Serious" About Rehab, Recovery

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Her struggles are well documented, but Lindsay Lohan is, like, so serious about getting clean this time. Well, at least according to Lindsay Lohan's publicist.

Although she relapsed just weeks after checking out of rehab on August 24, leading to another brief jail stint Friday, she is confident she can bounce back.

A source close to the wreck says "she will step up her treatment and do more than what she was previously ordered to do." THG? Not holding its breath.

On the Move to Jail

Lohan en route to her daily hearing. [Photo:]

The source says Lohan plans to voluntarily check herself back in to rehab in the coming days. Wow, look at her taking initiative. What is this, the fifth time?

The actress was released on bail from a Lynwood, Calif., jail late Friday night after winning an appeal to be granted bail following her two failed drug tests.

For now, Lohan has been ordered to wear a SCRAM alcohol monitor bracelet once more and must also avoid places "where alcohol is the chief item of sale."

She faces a probation violation hearing on October 22, where she could potentially face more jail time for the positive drug test in her ongoing DUI case.

What do you think? Should she be thrown back in jail?


Poor Francis Farmer!!


I thought for a long time Robert Downey, Jr. was a lost cause. A long jail term helped him see the light. Perhaps Lindsey needs the same thing.


Who are you people? Who you people that think you are qualified to sit in judgement over her? Give me a break, your all idiots. I rememember my dad telling me that half of the people don't want you succeed and the other half don't care. It seems he was right. Give her a break, she's a kid for heaven's sake. Ask yourselves this..What did she do to hurt me? Nothing..Stop playing God and saying stupid things. Glass houses, eh. Good Luck Lindsay :)


Oh BS...It is just a ploy to get a judge to reduce her jail time. This clown needs to spend a year or so in jail to learn a lesson about what it means to spit in the courts face about the rules of her punishment!!!


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