Lindsay Lohan in Rehab: What's the Point?

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Lindsay Lohan is in rehab as of earlier this week. This is believed to be at least her fifth attempt to get clean, which makes us wonder why she even bothers.

The star checked herself into rehab to seek treatment until a October 22 probation violation hearing, at which point she may be sentenced to jail once more.

Lohan's Orange County home until that date, the address of which is not being disclosed, marks a new bid to get sober. But is she even taking this seriously?

La Loser Lohan

DAZED: The perpetual state of Lohan. [Photo:]

“She is with us for the time being," says a source at the facility.

"We expect her to stay for the full 90 days, however she could bounce because there is no court order ensuring that she has to stay.” Yes, they used the term bounce.

After serving 14 days in July at Lynwood Correctional Facility for violating probation terms stemming from a 2007 DUI charge, Lohan was ordered to 90 days of rehab.

But, because she can afford really good lawyers, she ended up staying for less than a third of that, only to fail two drug tests shortly thereafter. Yay, legal system!

Can she stay clean this time, or will history repeat itself?


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Ha I love the bounce comment Anyway a famous directer recently said he'd work with Lindsey again if she cleaned up her act. Maybe she's taking his offer seriously.


I am a recovering addict with 21 years clean. First, I find it appalling that ANY rehab facility would release you early because they don't think you have a problem. LiLo has not truly surrendered to the fact that she's an addict. To her, it's a cat and mouse game with the law along with protecting her image. There's going to be a lot of people with regrets if she should have something serious happen due her addict, especially her groupie "mother". I pray she can put everything and everyone else aside and focus on getting clean. If she does that, all that's good is sure to follow.