Lindsay Lohan Image Makeover Tour: Star Visits Homeless Kids, Will Check Into Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan is compassionate and wants to give back. Or she just needed a good photo op. Either way, look at her posing with underprivileged youths!

The same day the troubled actress announced she will check herself into rehab - look at her taking the initiative! - she stopped by L.A's Dream Center.

The mission and outreach center connected to the Angelus Temple in the city's Echo Park neighborhood was thrilled to be used for good PR have her ...

Lindsay Lohan cares about the less fortunate ... and/or her image.

Supposedly serious about recovery (we've heard that before), Lindsay is determined to put her best foot forward ... or at least give off that impression.

Hoping to improve the walking train wreck's rocky public image amid her latest stint behind bars, her business manager, Lou Taylor, organized the trip.

"What a great place The Dream Center is here in LA..." Tweeted Lohan, who now is wearing a SCRAM device yet again. "Had a nice time there today."

"It's so important to give back," she added." I feel blessed."

She truly is. Money will buy really good reps and lawyers.

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I think it's going to take time to recover. Hopefully Lindsay will stay commited.


The heat is on, chances are, Miss Lohan is running out of chances and needs to *buy a brand new image in time for her court date.
You know the drill,helping senior citizens cross the street, visting the soup kitchens,and volunteering to make donations as needed,of course while in full view of the paparazzi who she *pretends to hate. Don't worry too much about Lindsay,she may have been born in the Year of the Tiger,but this woman has 9 lives.


Yes, it's so important to give back when it's sincere and not a publicly stunt for an image change. She and her people keep trying to play the public, thinking they are stupid and not seeing what they are trying to do. I doubt she has a sincere bone left in her body.