Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, and in a full-time, live-in facility.

The troubled, recalcitrant star, who was set free on bail Friday night after a brief jail stint, entered a Southern California facility after an image-boosting PR stunt.

The plan is for her to stay there at least until her next court hearing October 22. At which point she could be jailed (yet again) for violating her probation.

Off to Rehab Yet Again

If she's sentenced to do time, she'll likely be set free ASAP due to overcrowding, which is exactly why Judge Elden Fox tried to deny bail for her last week.

Legal shenanigans aside, it's a good thing Lohan's in rehab. When your #1 goal in life is trying to sell pics of your ankle bracelet, you clearly need a clue.

The only question: Can she actually get (and stay) clean this time?


i think she should be lock away for ever and don't come got til she's clean


Namaste, Wobbling....wobbling....wobbling.... In grandma's old chair....wobbling Waiting....wobbling For Lindsay to be realesaed....wobbling To do more stupid things....wobbling And then to die....wobbling Don't blame me. I don't want her to die. It is just that there is no stopping from it. She causes it upon herself. It just a matter of waiting in the old wobblingchair of grandma. In front the old black and white television in the attic. Waiting for the next breaking news of another dead celeb. To mourn a little bit. And then give comments on the internet for the next celeb-death to come. It is that simple, life is that simple. Wobbling.....wobbling....wobbling....we interupt this broadcast for a breaking news. We're going live to the hotel were Lindsay Lohan repordetly has been found dead by strangulation. Or was it s suicide? Next! Wobbling....wobbling....wobbling.... Ohm shanti.


How can one be overcrowded in a private cell


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