Lawyer for Charlie Sheen: Watch Two and a Half Men! Move On, America!

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When you see those photos, it changes everything. You see the pictures, you get it. You really get it.

So said Valerie McFarlane to E! News this week. The arresting officer on the night Charlie Sheen allegedly assaulted wife Brooke Mueller, she was fired from her job for parlaying this inside knowledge into favors from a reporter.

But McFarlane has gone on record about the incident because she wants the public to understand just how much of a monster Sheen truly is. Or to garner more headlines and attention, the actor's lawyer says in response.

Says Yale Galanter, in the worst defense of a client we've ever heard: "America should just enjoy watching Two and a Half Men and let it go."

Seriously, dude, who has ever enjoyed watching Two and a Half Men?!?

Sheen's attorney admits that the sitcom star acted inappropriately on that December night, telling E! News: "That was a private incident between a husband and wife. By pleading guilty, he admitted that something happened that shouldn't have."

But Galanter also wants to remind readers that McFarlane was let go from her job and describes her as "very hypocritical." She has "misrepresented the facts," the lawyer states.

"She's the reason the case went down the toilet," he added. "She has so much baggage she'd have to pay triple at the airport."

Wait... she's the reason the case went down the toilet?!? Isn't that an admission that Sheen deserved a much harsher penalty for his violent actions?


He's not even cute- he thinks he is but he's not


Men don't change because you put a ring on their finger,women do. Both MIGHT change with the expected birth of a child; But when Brooke Mueller met Charlie Sheen he was probably a higher amp version of his current self. She apparently liked it otherwise she wouldn't have married him accepting him as he is(supposedly). That is of course unless she's a "gold-digger",like so many others out there. Existing to entrap any man of a higher position then they are. Then claiming abuse when their now husband catches on; but has to take the (monetary & psychological) abuse of their childs mother to maintain a parental relationship with their child(ren)


The most hilarious show ever! Am on a mission to watch every episode ever recorded. Am on season four and loving it!!


Not for nuthin...but WHEN will Charlie Sheen GROW UP?? He acts like a 22yr. old--running around with tons of women, partying hard, always in trouble...I used to think he was funny...But that show he's on now--is SOOOO CORNY!!! Thumbs DOWN for Sheen AND his stupid show!!


I watch the show and love it!


Not that I watch it myself, but plenty of people must, if CBS is shelling out that amount of money to pay him...

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