Lady Gaga Takes on John McCain, Wants "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Law Repealed

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This week, the U.S. Senate is taking about repealing the military's controversial "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which prohibits gays from openly serving.

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    randyjacksonsbutt, first off, nice name. Secondly, no one needs to know what it's like to be a soldier to understand how wrong this "law" is. The fact is, that not only does this law make someone hide, deceive, and probably limits ones ability to simply be. Let's put things into perspective. What if a gay guy, who is enlisted, wants to contact their significant other? If someone finds out they have a same-sex partner, they're gone? Despite their abilities, honor, and desire to defend their country, they're thrown out like yesterday's trash.. simply because of their private life? Really, it makes no sense..and if you can't understand why homosexuals have an issue with it, you have problems.


    gays do serve in the military! the law protects the gays! war isn't a sexual issue. neither should a person sleeping have to worry about another person making a pass at them - male of female! that is why you have don't ask - don't tell!


    i believe this law protects everyone! why should what you do sexual be what makes you. shouldn't it be who you are not what you do in the bedroom! please! next


    randyjacksonsbutt- you have no fucking clue what you are talking about. my father was a marine and it shouldn't make a damn difference which sexuality you are whether you are serving your country or serving a beer. just because they're gay, are they not allowed to serve their country? this is a free damn country the last time i checked. they fight for our freedom so why the hell can they not have their freedom to be who they are? they have the right to do whatever the hell that they want to and if you're that worried that you're gonna get ass raped then maybe you should stay home hiding in a corner.


    I love how she's reading all those words written up so nicely by her agents. She's also trying SO hard to say all those BIG words. She's still a dumbass.


    I have never been a fan of her, but, she is on the right track with this cause. Thank You to her for doing it in the beautiful Deering Oaks Park in Portland, Maine.


    Finally - thank you Lady GAGA for showing us your intelligence and making a sound statement about your cause. This statement is to the point and not clouded with your antics - this is what we need for you to take your point home and so we can follow. Yes, you have the means to make everyone listen to you; I appreicate it when you are getting political; that you address the cause with the respect and sincerity it deserves just as you have done here. Thank you.


    First off, Lady Gaga has no idea what it means to be a soldier fighting for the United States and she never will.
    When you are in battle your sexuality does not matter and if it is an issue than all it will do is cause a distraction and increase the chance of someone getting killed.
    The army doesn't care who you have sex with and what you do in your personal life just don't let your personal life become a distraction to your team. Why is that such a problem? Why do homosexuals have to make such a grand issue out of it?

    William Boyd: If you don't love your country than you can leave it. This country is overpopulated enough as is and we really don't need anymore whiney and useless people like yourself. Move to Mexico and see how much you hate the United States then.


    As a 19 y.o. homosexual, fuck you. Why would I want to fight for a country that doesnt even respect me in the first place? Gaga, your unbelievable. You truly spoke to me, and I want to say thanks. =) send me some concert tickets, iza broke bitch.

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