Lady Gaga Stole Identity from Lina Morgana, Mother of Late Teen Claims

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This is an unusual story: a woman named Yana Morgana claims that Lady Gaga is only famous due to her late daughter, Lina Morgana.

That 19-year old committed suicide a couple years ago, but not before she was introduced to the singer (then Stefani Germanotta) in 2007. Yana tells The New York Post that it was Lina's dark, edgy style that inspired Germanotta to become Lady Gaga.

Morgana is now seeking the rights to release the songs her daughter recorded with Gaga.

Ga Ga Rah-Ah-Ah-AH

Did Lina Morgana inspire the Lady Gaga we know today?

"I'm doing this because I want to keep her spirit alive," Yana told the newspaper. "Lady Gaga is holding Lina's soul, and I want her soul to be free."

Added the grieving mother: "Every other word she says is from Lina. She talks about having a dark and tragic life, but she had everything she wanted in the world. She went to [the same] high school as Nicky Hilton, her parents were rich. But Lina did have a tough life, and she often talked about her tragic life."

In 2008, within a year of collaborating with Gaga, Lina jumped to her death from the roof of a hotel on Staten Island. Approximately a month later, the world was introduced to the eccentric artist that is Lady Gaga.

Tyler Schwab, Lina's ex-boyfriend, backs up Yana's claim.

"It was the same style, the same look, the same music, the same voice, the same jaw line - the way they expressed themselves," said Schwab. "And I was like, 'Is that Lina?' It was so, so shocking. It was like looking at a ghost."

You can actually check out a music video Lina made below. What do you think?


Does anybody in this world do their research before making accusations? Lina's website says she died October 4th, 2008. Lady Gaga's first single, Just Dance was released April 8th, 2008. No disrespect to Lina intended, but I don't think Gaga had anything to do with her death. It'd be nice if the ignorant people in this world could allow everyone else to just enjoy music without all the name-calling, hatred and bullshit that is directed at artists in the music industry.


'If' true...only a brainwashed idol worshiiper would be shocked...or most children.


Why is everyone out to get Gaga? Here is a woman who spreads love and acceptance and everyone other than her little monsters are hating on her. With respect to the girl, Gaga did not steal her identity. Gaga is Gaga and nobody else is like her except the wannabes. I don't know about you but Gaga is the only person I know who wears a meat dress, has had her tits explode and enters a concert on a unicorn. She is completely real and unique and people are to irrogant to see that.


meat dresses to wear along with those penis high heel shoes. she didn't create a style for people to follow, nor did she open the gateway for people to be 'unique & free'- she's just a puppet on a string. & it doesn't matter what religion Stef is, either- once AGAIN, she has people to tell her what to say, what to think, & what to portray, & right now, she's downright Illuminati.
all naysayers will just cry FAKE FAKE MOMMY MONSTER IS DA GREETEST I WUB HER, but ya'll are lost in a world of a twisted fantasy. she doesn't love her fans- she loves your money, just like all the other radio stars.
but go ahead & keep believing that she really cares about you & your feelings, since it makes you all feel so much better about yourself. just know that as you're crying & boohoo-ing to yourself, listening to Born This Way because 'daddy i weally was born dis way', she's laughing her happy ass down to the bank with your money, just like a real politician! :)

@ aBrie

Shut up, faggot.


Although this story is eerie as is the entire situation surrounding it, it seems like Lady Gaga did not steal anything from this poor girl. Based on the statements versus the music video posted here, they are entirely different artists. Their voices are different, they look different, their style of music and artistic portrayal are different. Everyone keeps on saying this artist ripped off this artist, but to be honest nothing is 100% original anymore, and true art doesn't come from nowhere, it is inspired by the things that exist.


She worships the devil? Are you serious? She's Catholic. Don't be stupid.


it doesnt matter what the truth is at this point cuz the sad truth is that the mindless little monster sheep will prevail. no one can pull the rug under this woman, nothing. she got so many fans to the point that this crazy bitch idealizes herself as a god.. "Gagapedia" "Gagaism" "Little monsters" "Mother Monsters" and i was such a huge fan of hers at one point.. but more and more its not even about music anymore, she rips off other artists work other than lina like madonna ect ect and what really disturbs me is how blatantly obvious she worships the devil with all her demonic symbolism.. ugh if thats ur belief its fine but dont shove it down your fans throats. agree with me or not, i've stated my thoughts like everyone else in this forum.. ByE


I agree wholly with Des. Even if the shit was true there's no point in bitching about it what's done is done. Besides ripping someone's style off is no good reason to kill yourself over. That's weakness and your finest.


I believe it. I mean come on Lady Gaga wasn't like that before she came famous. You can look at her episode of Boiling Points or whatever MTV she was on.


@Lucas .. Totally agree with u.. y do ppl do this.. maybe gaga really did inspire her and gaga had that style in her old videos that were released in 2011 and go far back as 2005.. while shes getting a tattoo or while she is with her friends.. even LA-reid said she had a different style.. their style is different..


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