Lady Gaga Stole Identity from Lina Morgana, Mother of Late Teen Claims

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This is an unusual story: a woman named Yana Morgana claims that Lady Gaga is only famous due to her late daughter, Lina Morgana.

That 19-year old committed suicide a couple years ago, but not before she was introduced to the singer (then Stefani Germanotta) in 2007. Yana tells The New York Post that it was Lina's dark, edgy style that inspired Germanotta to become Lady Gaga.

Morgana is now seeking the rights to release the songs her daughter recorded with Gaga.

Ga Ga Rah-Ah-Ah-AH

Did Lina Morgana inspire the Lady Gaga we know today?

"I'm doing this because I want to keep her spirit alive," Yana told the newspaper. "Lady Gaga is holding Lina's soul, and I want her soul to be free."

Added the grieving mother: "Every other word she says is from Lina. She talks about having a dark and tragic life, but she had everything she wanted in the world. She went to [the same] high school as Nicky Hilton, her parents were rich. But Lina did have a tough life, and she often talked about her tragic life."

In 2008, within a year of collaborating with Gaga, Lina jumped to her death from the roof of a hotel on Staten Island. Approximately a month later, the world was introduced to the eccentric artist that is Lady Gaga.

Tyler Schwab, Lina's ex-boyfriend, backs up Yana's claim.

"It was the same style, the same look, the same music, the same voice, the same jaw line - the way they expressed themselves," said Schwab. "And I was like, 'Is that Lina?' It was so, so shocking. It was like looking at a ghost."

You can actually check out a music video Lina made below. What do you think?


I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga. After my two children were deeply traumatized by her gruesome music video for Alejandro (which I refuse to watch) I started to find out more about her. She mocks people like Larry King, Barbara Walters. Johnathan Ross etc. She has no personality, answers questions with a forced quirkiness and if it weren't for her bizarre outfits she would have been a dead bore. To me there is something missing between her real persona and that showbiz persona she tries to adopt. Maybe that missing link is Lina Morgana. Gaga is running out of ideas and has to resort to kinky sex to sell her music. That is an act of desperation for those with no real talent. I gag on Gaga.


Hey Good Looking! That's you GaGa!
I hope you take every award home tonite on the VMA Awards. You deserve it! Love ya! Hope to see you soon in Atlantic City on Feb.19,2011


Lady GaGa is an individual person singer, artist and everything else she is. She is no copycat, she is who she is! She doesn't need to pretend she's somebody else or copy anybody else. She's extremely talented and if you can't see that, you must be blind! And hard of hearing. Just leave GaGa alone! Go pick on somebody else! Can anyone copy anyone else and really think they're somebody else? Get real! GaGa might do some surreal things but that's what makes her GaGa, "LADY GAGA" Keep it up GaGa, I love you, and so does the rest of yor little monsters! Keep smiling GaGa, you're the BEST! LOL!


NO one on this page has a clue what their talking about, I'm not into arguing this kind of stuff but it's pretty clear that lady gaga is copying lina morgana in everything. The only difference is that lina morgana is way more talented, and you can tell that in her voice and how she can work the camera and draw you in. So to all you wierd lady gaga fans, start getting a ear for music before you start having an opinion about it! And to lina's family, she would've made it to the top and stayed there forever!


Although i think that Lina was a very talented girl, I dont think lady gaga and her are the same person or that lady gaga copied her style. Just because someone reminds you of a loved one that has passed does not mean they have that persons soul. they do look alike but there music styles are totally different and the personal styles are way different. I am sorry for the loss of Lina she had a wonderful voice and we could have seen great things from her, But lady gaga was around before 2008 that is just when she became well known.


Jeff: You're not the only one. I think the same thing exactly. GaGa's fans are obviously in denial on this one. The video is so her. To me she's one & the same person. Of course, that video is from a few years ago and she has evolved & updated herself a bit. It seems so obvious. A the time GaGa was supposed to have "maybe" cut off one of her legs to make a statement! LOL!


she copied her jaw line? ahahaha. give me a break. i could go find dozen of pictures of madonna, cher, etc in outlandish outfits, etc. everyone is a copycat. some people just do it better and more successfully. sometimes its luck. the right combination of the right person, the right idea, at the right time. i'm sorry the girl was troubled and killed herself, as i am sorry to hear about anyone that commits suicide. maybe her mother should be putting her energies to something useful, like bringing attention to the increasing suicide rates among young people instead. just a thought.


I'm not a Gaga fan and my unbiased opinion is this, Lina Morgana my goodness what a beautiful young woman with extreme talent and my questions is why... why did she commit suicide and deprive us of your music. I have listened to 3 songs and I must say I enjoy listening to her music but I also have to say, she isn't Lady Gaga and it's nothing like her music. The question of stealing style on the other hand, yes the image to which they have both put across is similar but honestly how can you copyright that and if you do want to argue that point then Lina Morgana and Lady Gaga need to speak to the emo/gothic community for stealing somewhat part of their image. In all due respect, Lina I say a prayer for you and your family as I am sure they undoubtedly miss you.


Why in this day and age is every eccentric character compared to one another ?? I see no resemblence whatsoever here.. With all due respect to Lina Morgana's family, why wait two and half years to come out with this scandal ? When Gaga is clearly the most successful artist in current music they decide to try and kill her career ? After a large sum of money perhaps ? The media will do anything they can to destroy you. Point blank.


Am I the only person who thinks that Lina Morgana is actually Lady Gaga?? They look almost identical as far as facial features and it just seems too strange to me that all of a sudden all this "Lina Morgana" stuff is floating around and the name is somewhat similar ...Lina Morgana...Lady Gaga...Morgana, Gaga... I think its a scam and this girl is Lady Gaga under a alias


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