Lady Gaga Keeps it Casual at LAX

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When most of us catch a flight at LAX, we don't show up in our finest weave, panties, fishnets, "Solid Gold" dancer jacket, handcuffs, 12-inch heels and little else.

Then again, Miss Lady Gaga is not most of us. When you're a pop star, style icon and rumored hermaphrodite, you do what you want - and always make a statement.

Kendall Jenner Fashion

Hey, at least it's not a meat dress ...

Lady Gaga probably has more leg room in First Class at least.

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Crazyb hav u seen Kesha? Chrystal Arzt She dresses 'immoral'and inappropriately. That's y ppl r leaving those comments. They r wowed. It's insulting to sum people she shouldn't dress so showy in public so ur wrong but ur rite she has made an amazing contribution to music. Ppl please comment if u agree wit me!!! Xoxo


It's called being an exhibitionist.


this is a nasty chic what man would want her other than her money and publicity


I hope she being arrested for indecent exposure.


wtf is up with those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I sure am glad she isn't another contrived piece of ass.


If you guys don't like average treatment, then make an amazing contribution to the musical industry, then you also, will get the perk of walking around and looking how ever the fuck you want. Boo fucking hooo, wa wa wa. Whiney ass bitches. Lady GaGa has talent in an area that is very prized in our society. She gets the right to look how ever she wants, no matter where she is. if you're ego and insecurity isn't satisfied with a company car, then by all means, change your job to a pop-star. I don't particularyly care for this specific look, but GaGa is damn original in the she chooses to portray her individual self expression. People need to start listening to what she has to say, and stop harping on her mega success and self confidence.


She is a hott MESS!!


Celebrities shouldhave to adhear to the same laws as the general public, and if any one of us were to parade around like this we would be arrested for indecent exposure. This is not a style icon. This is an attention, fame starved individual.


Torally rediculous!!!!!