Lady Gaga For Vogue Japan: Naked... with Meat!

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Only Lady GaGa would be able to pose as a lingerie-clad Statue of Liberty and NOT have this be her most ridiculous magazine cover of the month.

Indeed, the eccentric artist is featured in the latest issue of Vogue Japan, wearing nothing at all... except for slabs of meat. We actually prefer this look to the ridiculous outfit Gaga strolled around in last month. You might say this singer has raised the STEAKS in the fashion world.

Get it?!?

Lady Gaga Meat Bikini

Do you find this pose shocking, sexy... or appetizing?

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She totally lost it, lets call it Mad Gaga Disease and her next trick at the 2011 VMAs the dress will be made out of worms and magots


im not surprised, shes lady gaga and she can do what she wants, this is something she wold do so stop hating ppls


nothing new or edgy here...the meat bikini was done years ago on america's next top model. it's as gross now as it was then.


That is just crazy. No way can anyone compare her to Madonna. Yes Madonna did her sex book stuff but this is just gross lol


She is truly whacked and needs some professional help!


She has lost the plot...


can anyone even think of how her mind works. she is simply fantastic. not to laugh at, or make make jokes about. everyone has the right to their opnion, but take a closer look. open your EYES! she's marvelous! i can't wait to see what FOXY LADY GAGA IS GONNA DO NEXT. YOU GO GIRL! YOU'RE A GENIOUS. keep it up. love you truly! take care!


gaga is not just a piece of meat, she is prime meat. take a bite of my bad girl meat! anytime gaga. i love you forever. nothing you can do will turn me away. love to you forever and stay healthy. have a piece of meat!


shes so gross. I like the slightly eccentric Gaga who sings speechless. THis is just over the top and isnt impressing anyone.


Disgusting. She needs to go away with a lot of other idiots.