Kristin Cavallari Pictures: Look Away, Jay!

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Kristin Cavallari may be dating Jay Cutler, but the Chicago Bears quarterback isn't the only person who gets to see this beauty in her underwear.

In fact, we all have that honor, thanks to photographer Tyler Shields. He's featured below with the reality star, who he says he met for the first time during this shoot. They get along awfully well for relative strangers, don't they?

In Her Skivvies
Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Shields
Clad in Black Lingerie
Kristin in Lingerie

Rich people hangout with rich people!!!!


310 Management is a Sports Management company I think Leonardo DiCaprio is half owner. They are always seen out on TMZ


who is this Kevin Hauser guy ???? I have yet to see him in any photos with any of these people he hangs out with .

@ ocgirl

Who cares ? You can get photos removed from websites .


saw kristin with another guy steve coyle whoever he is ??????


Lets hope not Kevin thinks he is way too cool.


310 Management Inc is worth a ton of money thats why he hangs out with the famous crowd . Its very simple you have money you get hot girls.


I saw Kevin with Leo DiCaprio and 4 models so don't think he is wasting time with left overs.
Beverly Hills to Malibu to Hollywood those boys get it right lol.


Kevin Hauser is Hott I saw Leonardo DiCaprio with him those boys know how to party. What is 310 Management? Does Kevin do movies too? Maybe he is single? send those guys my way asap!

@ Stacia

He always comes into my work (small cafe in Malibu) he is a very quiet guy wears a cap always with business guys they are dressed up in suits and he is shorts and a tank. I know he is a boss or something everyone knows him but nobody can snatch him up no ring.Any info?


I always see that 310 Management guy Kevin Hauser he is tall white handsome guy wears a cap real low ,drives really nice cars.He is friends with Brody Jenner and all those hills people.I think he can do way better ,is he single? I will date him he is rich hot and lives in Malibu with the stars count me in.


She is back with that 310 management guy Kevin Hauser I see her in Malibu

@ Janie

So Dumb . He lives in Malibu stupid


Kristin Cavallari Biography

Kristin Cavallari... Nude
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