Kristen Stewart "At War" with Emma Watson over Robert Pattinson, Magazine Reports

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Might Kristen Stewart be at war over Robert Pattinson after all?

In July, a random tabloid ran a cover story that alleged a love triangle between Kristen, Rob and Anna Kendrick. Now, another publication is making a similar claim, it's just changing one of the sides on the shape.

Simply Sexy
Very Shy Stewart

Has Emma Watson cast a spell over Robert Pattinson's heart?!?

Heat Magazine reports that Pattinson will co-star with Emma Watson in an upcoming movie titled Darc Arc. This news doesn't sit well with Stewart, as a source says "Kristen worries that he would have more in common with [Watson] because she's British."

It's true. Emma and Rob both share a love for driving on the left side of the road. Scandalous!

The Harry Potter star recently went on record and accused the Twilight Saga of selling sex. Was that a subtle dig at Stewart?

"Emma really took it up a notch when she made that comment, like she's telling the world Kristen is a bimbo and she's a real lady with poise and talent," said the insider. "She hates being thought of as a sex symbol or being valued for that over her talent, so Emma got her right where I hurts."

How will Kristen respond, folks? With a dig at Emma's new hair? By proposing to Rob? By ignoring a story that is clearly a bunch of fabricated nonsense? We'll soon find out!


HH, may I post this? Thank you. 50 People Who Matter 2010/ #28 Stephanie Meyer With 100 million copies sold and three films that have grossed over 1bn, the twilight sagas have made the author one of the most powerful, and richest women in publishing. MEYER'S MORMON BELIEFS PERMEATE THE VAMPIRE TRILOGY WITH THEMES OF CHASTITY AND SELF CONTROL, MAKING TWILIGHT PROPAGANDA FOR AMERICA'S GROWING ABSTINENCE MOVEMENT. --AND this what Emma fails to percieve..


Urgh people!! OBVIOUSLY Emma is the better actress.. No doubt. I could care less about Rob and Kristen.. Emma is obviously way out of Rob's league.. Even Rob said that.. (Go check it out)


Its been said over and over how Rob and Kristen are perfect for one another so all tabloids are is just gossip its just intentionally causing gossip and tension with the relationship that's why I'm glad that I am in not in the public's eye if Kristen and Rob got through all the other crap that you've read then they can overcome this junk


Sorry but I still like like KS more,


Don't waste your time on the heat mag article. As HH have said its a piece of crap. There's no such thing as RP, KS and Hogwarts triangle.


I Did"nt read harry potter but did read all 4 books of
Twlight i think emma and Rob are a cute couple but rob
and kristen have been through a lot so if I were Rob i would
stick with kristen sorry emma/


N, it takes more than a thousand guts to walk the red carpet barefooted than in your Laboutins. No one else did before, except when Julia Roberts walked on that Tarmac barefooted while doing a movie with Cameron Diaz. Kristen dares to try and experiment on fashion, and the public had accepted her of what she really is...AND people magazine even dared to vote her as one of the best dressed stars in the world. Kristen es gracia plena? A cookie cutter? LOL! So, you're telling me that Anna Kendrick should have played Bella, and Amy Adams should have played Marylou?


As for the barefoot on the red carpet. Have you ever worn high heels. I think it takes more guts to try to walk down the red carpet in heels than bare foot.


I like both books and movies. I think Emma is just a better actress she can actually play a person with depth. Kristen is the same cookie cutter actress in everything she is in. Watch her movies you can see it whether she is on screen a little or a lot.


as if we said, "GET OFF MY DICK"!! I do get the hots of bragging Kristen's barefoot scenario in the red carpet than Emna's supposedly high education on Sex. Think Brown has to address this issue?

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