Kim Zolciak Loves Her New Boobs!

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Kim Zolciak loves her new boobs. Well, her new new boobs, considering the Real Housewife of Atlanta got implants at age 20.

But those enhanced breasts looked "crazy and saggy" to the reality star four months ago, she told In Touch Weekly, so she went under the knife again. The result?

Photo of Kim Zolciak

"They're so perky. I feel fantastic!" Zolciak says, pretty much summing up the opposite reaction everyone had when listening to her sing "Google Me."

Study this HOT photo and then decide: Would you hit it?


And WHy do you like Kim so much??


WHY SARA because I feel like it!


ok monkey why do u get on every thg


To Max: You have some issues man!! TMI please keep those icky thoughts especially about this skank to yourself please!!
To pak31: I agree with you! People in Hollywood and who are constaintly in the spot light are always and usually very self concious and petty. Look at Kate G. She a divorce with 8 young kids and she walks around showing off her "new" body to get a man. PLEASE!! She has bigger things to worry about than her sagging boobs!! And then there is Kim K. She is so freaking young to be getting Botox and plastic surgery~please get over your selves!!
Yes I think Kim Z. is a MAN MAN! LMFAO


Sorry anyone in love with a body part needs help. She looks like a guy in drag. Her face is hideous. Her breasts don't look the least bit natural. Sorry, you can't just bleach your hair and get implants and be attractive. I swear that is all people see. Very sad.


Wow!! Those are some real nice titties! Sure, I'd tap her with the ol' bone.... and cum on her face too!

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